Ghost Adventures – Terror in Fontana – S17E05

ga-fontanaIn the town of Fontana, California, Zak visits the home of James and Michelle, who claim their children are being attacked by a dark entity. Their home has strange, blood like markings  on the stairs, poltergeist activity and physical attacks. Michelle believes that Justin is the target of these attacks as the dark energy has tried to pull Justin out of bed and has even been able to throw him into the air, giving him a concussion.

Justin claims the entity that comes after him has beady red eyes and mouth that looks like it’s been sewn together. He’s felt claws against his arm and that at one point, this unseen force threw a flashlight at his brother.

As we look around the house, there are red stains on the stair railing, red marks on the crucifix and reports of knives being driven into pillows.

In Jake’s room, a dragon “flies off” the table by itself. When viewing the footage from another angle, it’s very clear the dragon does NOT “fly off the table by itself.” It slowly topples over and falls straight down onto the floor. There is absolutely no force to it’s movement. This is the first of several suspect claims.

We also have footage of Justin being attacked in bed. Since things are so bad, the entire family now sleeps together in the same bed.

What we actually see is Michelle screaming in hysterics at nothin. Despite the claim of Justin being wrenched out of bed and thrown around, there is no movement, nor is Justin even in the frame. There is the flash of a hand, but clearly there is no “attack” and no dragging people to the floor as they claim.

For the investigation, Michelle and the two boys stay in the house and head to their bed. Zak sits off to the side to see what he can experience.

What we get to see is Michelle create an atmosphere of panic and fear for her kids. We also see Jake, drinking from a sippy cup as though he were a toddler, even though he’s 5. And finally, we clearly see that Justin is moving his legs around thereby creating all the noises and movement we see and hear.

Both Billy and Zak say they can see Justin moving, but chalk it up to Justin not being in control of his actions because he’s under the influence of the entity. That’s a pretty blatant disregard of the obvious.

After the family leaves for the night, Zak and team head downstairs. They investigate the toys as one of them has made a noise. Ironically, the grandmother is still wandering around the house as though nothing is going on.

They capture a stick figure on the wall and hear a toy say the number 6. After a time, it repeats the number 6 again, basically saying 6-6-6. Rather than thinking the toy has a short or a piece stuck in that number, they determine it to be demonically influenced.

In the end there isn’t a single sign or piece of evidence for the demonic. Clearly no one gets pulled out of bed. No one get clawed or scratched in the middle of the night. No one gets touched or attacked.

What we do have is a hysterical and mother and an 11 year old making some very dubious claims.

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