Ghost Adventures – Commanders House – S16E12

ga-commanders-houseThe paranormal investigations continue along the Graveyard of the Pacific, with Fort Stevens and the Commander’s House as the next location. At the Commander’s House, employees claim there is an older woman ready to push people down the stairs and materializes to float above the floor. At Fort Stevens, a mysterious death may have it’s root in something sinister.

Within the house, Zak speaks with Barbara, who has felt a presence. She also claims that while on a narrow and twisting part of the staircase, she felt as though something was trying to push her down the stairs.

Bob adds to the mystery by saying that while working in the basement he felt a tingle and saw a vaporous apparition floating in the space.

While looking over the top floor, Zak and team believe they get “Zak” on the digital recorder and the word “One”. To prove their is an entity, they show off their watches, (which can also get a pulse from a banana) to prove their hearts are racing. Further, they show off Jay who has a red mark as though he has been “slapped.” If you look at the other side of Jay’s face, you will see the same sort of mark which looks to be indicative of windburn, not bitchslapping by an unseen force.

They next head to Fort Steven, and meet with Jeff, where they hear of a murder where a soldier was beaten to death. Zak makes the connection the soldier was killed by a spirit because the military wouldn’t a let murder go unsolved. I believe Zak has a slight misunderstanding of the rules of conduct for 1868.

To add to the spirit angle and the presence of dark energy, they meet with Jennifer who claims she saw an angry male spirit just a few minutes before. She now claims it’s down in the tunnels with Billy and Aaron, who without knowing what Jennifer said, claim they see a man. Alas, said man isn’t captured as evidence.

They split the investigation into two parts. Zak and Aaron will investigate the Commander’s House, while Billy will venture into the tunnels of Fort Stevens.

As we have seen in previous investigations, Zak sees light orbs, which foretell of the dark energy. Zak then heads to the small cubby where he got a voice previously and claims to hear the voice of a little girl. On the Ovilus, the words, “Choose, Near, Please” appear, which Zak takes to mean he needs to pick a stuffed animal. They also claim to get an EVP of “Nanna.”

But things are a little chaotic as Aaron is having both a panic attack and a coughing fit. It appears that while on the stairs, something touched Aaron on the back, and he felt as though it was trying to push him down the stairs. Standing on shaky stairs in the dark might cause that kind of reaction.

After the hysterics are over, they notice a couple of the lights in the room a flickering very faintly. Some might call that bad wiring or perhaps a dimmer switch malfunctioning, but to Zak, this is a manifestation of spirit energy.

Meanwhile, back in the tunnels, Billy is losing his mind. Although nothing has happened, no man has appeared, no spirits have jumped out to try and bludgeon him to death, Billy is terrified. The sounds of noises echoing off the walls has put him on edge. It is an old tunnel with the sound of the water nearby and the rush of the wind. But, Billy’s mind is playing tricks on him and he can barely set up his equipment because he’s freaking out. Even though he does, no evidence from the Fort is captured.

In the main house, Zak decides he will take up the entity on it’s offer and will choose a doll. When he asks what will happen when he does, he gets the word, “Shove.” Not only does this conveniently coincide with Aaron saying he felt pushed, Zak sees more orbs in the room.

Zak then asks what the entity doesn’t like and gets a response of “Everything.” This is followed by more light flickering and what Zak says is a little girl asking “which room” when he asks what’s inside the room.

Although they don’t capture any tangible evidence, Zak claims there is an entity as ancient and deadly as the sea itself.

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