Paranormal State S04E04 – Boy Pushed Me

This episode makes even less sense than the previous one.

Start off with a boy who falls out the second story window. He claims a bad boy pushed him and that he’s scared of him. Right off this sounds like a family who can’t cope with a stupid accident in the family. It wasn’t that I simply wasn’t paying attention, it was the work of an evil spirit.

The kids have bad dreams about dying and being stabbed (too much Xbox at a friends house). Further, they say there are cannibals outside in the woods. The parents think there is something evil in the house causing all the problems. Certainly no child in the school would make up stories about a haunted wood where cannibals live, that’s just silly talk.

Ryan brings in a medium who says she feels something about a "quick death" and that something is warning her about the woods.

During their first dead time Chad sees his normal shadow movement. This guy sees shadows every single time. Are we sure he’s not just seeing himself standing in front of the damn lights?

To get some history of the location they talk with a local reporter who says that a boy and his dogs disappeared in the woods where the house currently stands. The reporter says the name of a suspect which is also a name heard on one of the tapes another paranormal group captured.

Ryan and team move outside for their next dead time and low and behold they hear twigs snapping and things falling from the trees. Of course my first thought it’s nothing more than branches falling or squirrels running in the trees. They do capture some sort of movement on the camera but no one can make out what it is. Chad goes with fast moving fog. You see shadows in every room and you now say this is fog?

Again they pretty much have no evidence so they go with the idea that because the family cut down trees when clearing the land for the house that they pissed of Mother Nature. Mother Nature is looking for some payback so they plant some trees to make things right. Eilfie does a little chant in the woods and that’s the end of that.

Plant a tree, ward off evil.

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  • Olivia collins says:

    As the little girl that had the bad dreams of her mom stabing her and then saying that the humans that eat people out side I would definitely say I never had too much time on the Xbox . Try again next time tho

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