Ghost Adventures – Freak Show Murder House – S14E02

image Our next outing with Zak and crew takes us to the San Fernando Valley of California and a house decorated like a side show carnival. Unfortunately, the pink neon and unique statues mute that this was the scene of a home invasion that turned double homicide in 1996.

Scott Thompson and his wife Becky have lived in the house for 6 years and have a trove of morbid antiquities, similar to Zak and his museum in Las Vegas. There is even one called Agatha which Scott says is active, but he keeps it under glass.

As Zak goes to the scene of the murder, he says there is a heavy feeling of sadness and is hit with a blast of cold air. Going with the same idea from the previous episode with Elmer, Zak doesn’t believe the couple have accepted their death because it happened too quickly.

Zak talks with two of the kids who live in the house and both describe nightmares that involve acts similar to the real events. Gracie has dreams of demonic voices calling to her from the kitchen, while Griffen has seen both his parents murdered. Considering the events and the curios of the house, it’s not surprising.

Unfortunately Zak brings in Patty Negri, the Psychic Medium we have seen before. She is quick to grab at her throat, toss herself to the floor and fidget wildly. And with her at the helm, it’s time to do a seance.

While she rambles and claims a flickering candle is evidence of spirits, we find out that Scott is wearing a military dog tag style necklace with 666 on it. Zak uses this as pathway to further his idea of demonic energy. Zak gains the support he needs when they ask, "what is the dark energy here" and get the word "killed".

With the seance over, they begin to investigate the house. In the kitchen they get a stick figure on the SLS camera. The word. "Help", comes through the spirit box and they make the connection these are the voices Gracie heard.

Things take an odd turn as the car alarm of their rented truck goes off and they rush outside. This leaves Jay alone in the attic and they conclude this is the work of the entity trying to separate them, although no harm is done to anyone.

As a final act, Zak takes the doll Agatha out of the case and asks questions. The doll doesn’t feel like answering questions, but when they ask for a name, they get "I killed". We are now moving toward the doll being the instigator of evil within the house and Zak feels the house needs a cleansing in order to protect the family.

There was certainly a tragic event here, but in reality, there is nothing out of the ordinary other than the odd decor. The dreams are caused by the real events that happened and are  brought to the fore by the abundance of creepy fixtures. It’s no different than dreams after watching a scary or intense movie. Scott’s necklace with 666 on it is no more sinister than the temperature reaching, 66.6 degrees. It’s simply a number, and depending on how you want to take it has nothing to do with the demonic and isn’t even the number suggested.

When it comes down to it, what Scott has created is no different than the museum Zak has put together. They’re both interesting, but hardly haunted. Personally, I think Scott’s house is pretty cool. I think I need a Palm Reader sign in my window.

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4 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Freak Show Murder House – S14E02

  • Cj Jones says:

    I actually think this whole thing mostly has to do with boosting sales. Remember in the beginning of the show they said they sell these strange things out of their house

  • RottenOne says:

    To be honest, just about every episode has something to do with boosting sales. As several people have pointed out, the places they visit are so dark, so scary, so laced with evil and demonic forces that you can buy a ticket whenever you like and walk right in. Or, it’s up for sale and you can own your very own haunted restaurant, bar, club, house, museum, etc, for the right price.

  • Tom says:

    The couple that was murdered in 1996 were using the house as a normal residence. They were not selling haunted objects, or anything else, from the house. The folks who bought the house after the murders had wanted to own a home where some documented murders had occurred, to add that creepy factor to their “museum” of haunted objects, and to sell that type of memorabilia out of the house.
    It should not surprise anyone that they are claiming the house is haunted or whatever, to get free advertising/publicity by attracting attention to the “haunted house”. Not saying whether it is or isn’t, but of course they are claiming it is. I bet the neighborhood is not real happy with all this.

  • Tessa Thompson says:

    My parents are the owners of this house. I am one of there daughters. This was not an episode to “boost our sales” and our house isn’t a frickin museum. We don’t allow people to come into our house to see the things we have. We have a website that you can purchase some of the things but Zak never put the website or anything. We don’t even really focus on the freaks antiques shop anymore. The only reason it’s in our house now is because we couldn’t afford to rent out the place we used to sell our items out of anymore. So please stop assuming things. We are a normal family that happens to live in a house where 2 people were murdered and we also happen to have a hobby of collecting oddities. Again, in no way was this to boost sales.

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