Ghost Adventures – Riverside Plane Graveyard – S17E06

ga-riverside.jpgZak and Ghost Adventures continue their tour of California with a visit to the March Field Air Museum in Riverside where there are claims of voices, cameras getting tipped over, museum artifacts being thrown and the residual energy of a family that used to live on the site where an airplane hanger now sits.

Employees of the museum claim to have had experiences such as the feeling of something gong through them, voices and and even talking to one of the entities on a Spirit Box.

There is also a visit from Michael and Marti Parry, who give details about their location despite not knowing where they are.

For the investigation, Zak, Jay and Dakota start in the war artifact exhibit where they debunk several claims whether they realize it or not. They become extremely excited when not one but two TV monitors turn on.

A device turning on is hardly proof of the paranormal, but these are motion activated monitors. They are meant to turn on when guests get near them.

Next, they claim to see the shadow of someone walking around. This, and the other claims of moving figures, are the lights from nearby traffic casting shadows.

Next, they head out into the plane graveyard where they see shadows figures and hear the noise of someone making an escape. This turns out to be animals because there is clearly a large supply of animal droppings right in that location.

In the Restoration Hanger, Billy states that his walkie talkie falling over in a doorway is a sign of the paranormal. And that a stick figure appearing on his hacked up SLS is an apparition. And that the back pain he exhibits in multiple episodes is further proof that an entity is with them.

Next, Billy and Aaron unveil a wickedly dubious device called the Paranormal Music Box. This is supposed to play music whenever a spirit gets close enough. They use this in two locations to prove that spirit energy is with them. There is no possible way this could go off by other means or through remote control.

There’s really nothing else to discuss as this episode is ridiculously silly. I have the utmost respect for those who serve and have served our country, but this episode debunks itself.

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