Ghost Adventures – Demons in Seattle – S10E10

Zak and the gang are off to Seattle to investigate a house with claims of the paranormal to rival that of Amityville and the Exorcist combined. Keith Linder rents a home where he says bibles have been burned, crosses have been scorched, furniture has been knocked over, plants are thrown so hard they put holes in the walls and there are even claims there is blood on the walls and the entity has actually set fire to the house. Further, there is the number 666 supposedly burned into the walls and symbols that resemble the pictograph of Man from the Native American culture. Even more, Jennifer Madsen, who has investigate the house and even tried her own blessings, swears by all the activity. Keith has even had the clergy come out for a house cleansing and blessing, but nothing has changed. And the clergy kinda, sorta, didn’t actually believe him.

Yet strangely, Keith seems pretty calm about the whole situation and doesn’t have plans to move. He says he’s emotionally and spiritually grounded. He even seems rather calm talking about everything and doesn’t seem to have fear or concern over his safety.

By the claims, this is the most dangerous house on the planet! Merely stepping inside is surely to get you beaten, thrown down the stairs and quite possibly set on fire. This house is off the charts! This should be exactly the type of place Zak is looking.

But yet somehow it isn’t. I’m confused. Here’s the part that cracks me up, Zak doesn’t believe the claims.  Here is a guy stating all these terrible things are happening to him and claims he has real documented evidence and Zak and his team rip him apart and basically call him a fraud within the first 5 minutes. However, this is the same group that will visit Tombstone, a sanatorium or a jail and believe every single story they’re told without a lick of evidence. We’ve seen this dozens of times. They believe a place is haunted before even stepping inside and then no matter how slight the evidence, they will claim the place is teaming with dark energy. Dave even says this would be great for a book or a movie.

Whoa, what’s going on here? When the hell did Zak become a skeptic and not believe every half-baked, outlandish and ridiculous ghost story he was told? He even thinks Keith is painting the 666 on the wall just to get publicity and refutes all the footage he’s shown. Wow, Zak! Maybe you should turn that same critical and skeptical eye on the dreck you throw at us!

But Zak forges ahead with the investigation to see what can be learned. Keith and his girlfriend Tina walk around the house asking questions in the usual style. Nothing.

They move from room to room telling the spirit it needs to move on. Nothing.

They tell the entity to show itself and not hide now that new people are in the house. Nothing.

Zak and Dave Schrader give the place a once over. They ask questions, try to get the entity to answer, ask why it causes harm and what it wants. Nothing.

Even the big gun comes out as they use some cockamamie piece of tech they cobbled together using who knows what. But this time, it projects stuff on the wall! Wahoo!

It’s really nothing more than a glorified temperature sensor made to look like something ultra fancy with moving charts and a wave pattern. And as you might expect, it doesn’t do a darn thing and they capture no evidence.

Zak and his team tries and tries and tries, but they can’t get a shred of evidence to support the claims. And since they don’t believe the claims themselves, they can’t even stretch the truth and make something out of nothing.

All in all, it seems like this is an absolute hoax. But why? Why do these things? Why vandalize the house? Why not just move? Why stick around? Is this the story of a couple that just wants to break a rental agreement? Do they just want some publicity and have their house immortalized like Amityville? Are they in the throws of demonic possession and they have no idea what they’re doing?

And where the heck is the real home owner? What does the landlord have to say about all these shenanigans? If my place was on the news and getting trashed like that, I would have a few things to say on the matter that’s for damn sure!

Who knows what the heck is going on here.

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56 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Demons in Seattle – S10E10

  • KEITH LINDER says:

    Jamie this case was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt as being real. 2 years ago. U my friend are way behind on the facts. The evidence on the internet from multiple teams US and UK combined has not only proved our claims to be real. But has now made this the most documented Poltergeist case ever. Thank you

  • adam says:

    Well said. I can’t even grasp why the hell they even put that bullshit of an episode on tv for God’s sake. I knew it was fake almost immediately and it was consistently awful for the duration of the nonsense or shenanigans as you called it. And how do they get so much shenanigans at every single place they go to.. so im sure some to a lot of the “evidence” and shenanigans are staged if not most of it. Terrible…

  • Keith K Linder says:

    Dear Adam

    The case you’re referring as being pure shenanigans actually was proven to be 100% factual. Several teams some better than GA came and lived in the house. 3 weeks and saw some of our claims themselves. More info can be found at Tons of case info. Hope thats helps. Hope your realize that GA is not the expert of poltergeist investigations.

  • Sysco says:

    I can tell you that multiple professionals stayed in this home, did science based experiments, had clinical studies done on the evidence found. From both the US and the UK parapsychologist,s with 35 years plus in the game. This is a ground breaking case, and if interested in evidence there is plenty here to investigate and go through. The documentary is available to rent at a very reasonable cost, there is countless videos, affidavits by those will to speak of their experience with the home and the surrounding area.To exclude the past tenants who experienced the same activity there, and worse. The confirmed over and over evidence that continues to come from this property is on going and extensive.

  • Mark Sedito says:

    Just a typical money grabber…making books and all this publicity yet still rent out..shame atleast amityville horror was a more substantial hoax, much better entertainment. So you can stop lying and trying you are no Stephen King and learn how to proof read your books.

  • Keith Linder says:

    Uh hmmm the Bothell house aka Poltergeist of Washington State case was proven true 2 yrs ago. You’re a little late with your info. The investigation led by Zak and Ghost Adventures was debunked as being grossly inaccurate. Our claims got substantiated by several paranormal teams. Several organizations and official report released. So stop trolling. Thanks

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