The Visitation – Rating 2 out of 5

The small town of Antioch gets all excited when mysterious figures enter their town performing miracles and saying “He is coming” as they depart. What follows is a pretty predictable story of small town good, overcoming outside evil influences. As the small time tent evangelist heals the townspeople, more and more are drawn into his power. Only a few strong willed remain to fight the devil.

Hardly a movie speaking of the prophetic end of the world, what follows is a predictable story of evil taking over the minds of those who want to believe and being cast out by those of pure faith. A pretty Ho Hum story with a typical cast of characters such as the fallen priest, the new comer to town, the renegade law man, and the soft spoken preacher.

Overall the movie was mildly entertaining, with a better than expected ending, but again there was no tension, no fear that the wrath of evil was invading this small town, no sense of dread or moments that really grip you about the battle of good and evil.

There is nothing new in this story and it ends pretty much the way you would expect. I can’t even say this is a good rental because of how cliché and predictable the movie is. It’s hard to imagine Fox put this one out. It has the look and feel of an independent movie funded by religious groups. This movie won’t make you a believer and movies like “Emily Rose” do a lot more to stir up religious convictions and debate.

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