The Rage

Oh… My… God! What a complete piece of crap that was! Killer vultures on the loose! Or are those ill tempered turkeys out for some Thanksgiving vengeance? Perhaps bald Herons showing their distain for humanity and bad tasting fish. Nothing says terror like blood seeking vultures hell bent on spreading their disease and causing chaos wherever they go.

And it starts off exactly the way you would expect, a crazed scientist trying to mix the perfect formula creates a strain of disease he can’t control. I hate it when that happens.

Enter the band of horny teenagers out for kicks in their Winnebago, who try to take a shortcut, end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, run over "something" in the road and then one by one become victims of the crazed birds. As the teenagers flee for their meager lives where they should they end up? But of course, back in the deserted lab of the scientist who started all the problems in the first place. But he’s dead, right? Why heaven’s no. He’s alive, not exactly doing well, but he’s alive. With festering sores, open wounds and half his face peeling away, he’s still looking to perfect his formula and these scared teenagers will do nicely to help move his experimentations along.

This movie is riddled with every horror cliché you can think of. We’ve got blood, blood and more blood, squirting and dripping from every orifice you can think of. Ninety percent of the film budget must have gone into all the blood they threw around. When it’s not dripping, leaking or oozing, it’s covering the walls like some over the top Halloween Campground Massacre fright night. There’s so much of it, it’s just absurd.

And those vultures? What the hell is up with those things? That is some of the worst CGI work I have ever seen. They look like sock puppets half the time. As they feast on the innards of their prey they look like demonic Muppets. After a while it’s just laughable.

But what’s the point of all? Why is this crazy Russian causing so many problems? Well, wait until the last ten minutes when he has his big soliloquy and reveals the motives for his dastardly works. You’re damn right it’s lame!

If you’re looking for a movie where everyone gets an axe, hammer, screwdriver or saw to the head with blood spurting from the wound then this is your flick. There’s even foul mouthed, ill tempered midgets to boot! I’m not sure this even qualifies as a bad B movie.

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