Ouija Mat and Astrology Skull

Always on the lookout for interesting Halloween decorations, I found two that really caught my fancy.  While looking around Spirit Halloween, I discovered they had a Ouija section which included shot glasses, planchettes, fleece towels and a door mat. I wasn’t sure what to do with the mat as leaving it outside might strike the wrong chord. However, I have found a brilliant way to use it all year round. Since my computer desk is glass, it makes a fantastic keyboard mat and wrist support. It’s the perfect size and makes me laugh every time I sit down.

The other is an astrology skull I found on Amazon. It’s close to the size of an actual skull, with all sorts of signs and markings. It has a good weight too it, feels sturdy and has a really unique look. It’s a dash on the expensive side, relatively speaking, but it’s well worth it because of the uniqueness.

Two more complementary items are on the way that will make very nice additions.

IMG_0170 IMG_0165

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Ghost Adventures – Route 666 Halloween Special – S13E06 – Part 3 – Analysis

With the episode now complete, what is the overall impression of Zak’s Satanic Road Trip and his stops on the Pentagram of Blood?

Well, I think Zak is guilty of the same old fallacies of logic and prefers a demonic explanation than one of common sense. And to be honest, I think Zak and the whole team were hamming it up for the cameras.

While the stories and locations themselves are pretty neat, I don’t believe Zak has found evidence to support his theory that dark energy dwells within the Hotel De Soto or that some sort of mysterious goat creature haunts a bridge in Denton. I also feel Zak is really trying to sell the demonic, especially in the form of a little girl, to make the investigation sound more dangerous and boost the mystery of Halloween.

It’s stated right at the beginning that the hotel is low rent. To that end, I’m sure maintenance and sound proofing are not at a premium. And as we saw, people were wandering in the halls all through the night. I have no doubt sound travels all over the place, even from the streets below and it would be easy to mistake hearing a little girl.

The pentagram in the basement? Again, the symbolism from a bunch of pranksters, but Zak can certainly feign feeling dizzy and lightheaded when he feels there is something demonic around, but he never feels the rapture or at complete peace when other religious icons are around. I’m still amazed at how easy it is for people to feel the presence of the demonic and how easy such things are to conjure, but the same isn’t true for the other side of the coin.

As I stated before, the shadow figures Zak sees at the cemetery are simply people walking along the street. There is nothing mysterious about them, especially since there is traffic in the background. They aren’t hundreds of miles away from civilization. Nor is there anything particularly interesting or demonic about the three trees he mentions multiple times. I’m also not sure how he concludes they form a trident. Perhaps that cemetery is used for other types of rituals, but that is vandalism, not a sign of the demonic. It’s shameful that people treat a cemetery so poorly, but just because Richard Ramirez hung out there, doesn’t make the whole area demonic.

Finally, the fan falling in the basement looks like it was pulled to the side. It in no way looks to be pushed by an unseen force. I’m not going to say evidence is being faked or there is trickery involved, but the idea that the fan simply falls is far more reasonable than some sort of demonic force pushing it. And if we were take it one step further, is that really how the demonic would announce their presence, pushing a fan? Surely not.

When it comes to the Goatman or Denton investigation, that entire segment is quite laughable. The antics of the entire crew is embarrassing. Regardless of how deplorable and cowardly the actions of the KKK were, I do not for a moment believe they would result in the creation of a goat man. That’s the stuff of fairy tales. A terrible fairy tale, but a fairy tale nonetheless.

We already know that mosquitos and spiders infest the area since it’s wooded and next to the water. It’s certainly more plausible that someone scratched themselves from bites than by some non-existent goat creature. We also saw spiders and snakes. Would it be so hard to imagine spider bites are at the root of the burning pain rather than the demonic? Go ahead and scratch along your arm, what do you see? Oh my goodness, three lines. Your thumb and pinky would be off to the side. It’s the mark of the trinity.

These feelings of dread would be predictable considering the stories people keep telling themselves. You say something demonic is at hand, then follow it up with stories of the KKK, hangings and burnings. What do you expect people to see? The noises they hear are animals and probably something worth hunting because of the gunshot. Again, it would be more plausible that a deer is smashing through the woods than a goat man. It would be more plausible for it to be a real goat than a goat man.

I have to say, Jay’s conjuring spell was a little out of character. Not sure where that came from. But, if he wants to run with it, I have no issue with that. I just think it’s funny they are so ardent with their condemnation of Ouija and rituals, then turn right around and perform a ritual of their own. But when they conjure spirits, it’s not demonic. Again, hypocrites.

Finally, Zak choking himself on the bridge, Aaron walking around stunned and Billy losing his mind was just plain silly. I don’t even know what to say about that, except that it was terrible dramatic theater. Zak has done some pretty absurd things on these investigation, but I think this set of events tops the list.

Overall, this was another example of Zak jumping to conclusion, his disregard for more earthly and plausible explanations and his desire to fuel the fires of hysteria.

When all is said and done, what evidence did he capture that could only be explained through demonic or paranormal means?

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Ghost Adventures – Route 666 – S13E06 – Part 2

1024x1024The adventure continues as Zak heads to the next location, Denton, Texas which is on the line of the Pentagram of Blood. It’s supposedly a pentagram that can be drawn across the country that goes through locations where scenes of violence like the JFK assassination and the Waco massacre took place.

Denton is the location of the Goatman’s Bridge, a location where Satanists have tried to conjure up a goat man or satyr. The bridge was built in 1884 and legend says that a goat herder was strung up on the bridge by the notorious KKK. However, the body of the man somehow disappeared from the noose before the Klan could confirm his death. They next went to his home, set it on fire and killed his family.

Zak then talks with a couple of people who claim to have had experiences on the bridge. Belinda, says that while on the bridge, she felt a presence and took a picture of what she and Zak feel is a cloaked figured. She also says she had three scratch marks on her arm – a mockery of the trinity according to Zak.

Becky, claims that she saw a figure of a man with a goat head and human body running through the thicket while she was out on the bridge for a paranormal investigation.

Phoebe, claims she got three long scratches on her back. From there, she says she wasn’t in control of her emotions or herself. She felt violent and wanted to attack the people around her. And not just attack, but actually kill them. Even her son claims she wasn’t acting like herself, although we don’t get much insight into what her odd behavior was.

Right after talking with these women, he notices that Ashley, the still photographer and someone who has been affected by events on the show in the past, appears as though she isn’t herself. She is brought to tears by something and eventually admits that she too is feeling anxiety and has violent thoughts.

As they get set for the investigation, Ashley wants to confront her fears and heads back out into the woods. Meanwhile, for reasons I’m not sure I understand, Billy takes to the water in a small boat to scan for signs of the Goat Man. If all the action is on the bridge, it seems odd for Billy to leave the area, especially when judging by his inexperience with boats and nearly falling out, being on the water at night is not his best course of action. Ultimately his part of the investigation leads to nothing but the discovery of mosquitos.

Ashley, however, is having a pretty rough time with things. She is incredibly nervous and seems more fearful of the snakes and spiders than any sort of demonic activity. There are lots of noises in the trees, then strangely, Ashley takes a bit of a tumble. It’s revealed that she was struck on the head and knocked over. It was also at this time that she heard a growl. Also during this sequence, there is the sound of a gunshot, although a gunshot in the middle of the night in the backwoods of Texas really doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary.

Things then start to take a bizarre turn. Out of nowhere, Jay says he wants to conjure up some spirits to help banish the evil of the bridge. He’s found an ancient text and wants to use those powers. Oddly, when other people do this sort of thing, Zak calls it demonic or Satanic. This is in no way hypocritical.

But they forge ahead and soon we see Jay creating a circle, mixing some ingredients and reciting some incantations. Tensions begin to mount and there is division in the group. Aaron and Billy who were not for this plan, want to leave the area. Strangely, so does Zak. They are all ready to leave Jay, who is still inside the protective circle. With everyone feeling strained, Aaron begins to head back, but his progress is stopped when he claims to be attacked by some unseen force and thrown violently to the ground. Zak claims Aaron was thrown 20 feet based on where his flashlight is left sitting and where they find him laying.

Jay says he saw something behind Aaron, who is now a bit on the delirious side. He’s staggering, fairly incoherent and is ready to defend himself against anyone who comes near him. But, he does have some injuries to his arm. They aren’t as severe as Aaron thinks, but much more than a simple scratch, so he clearly hit the ground with some force. Then again, who’s to say he didn’t trip on a rock and take a massive tumble in the dark?Yet, there is still more craziness. In a bizarre act, Zak begins to choke himself. He literally wraps his hands around his own throat all the while saying it’s hard to breathe and something has control of him. Jay tries to intervene and pulls Zak’s hands away and a tussle ensues. Zak is ready to fight with Jay and only let’s go of himself to attack Jay. He then seems to regain control and storms off, heading right for Aaron who says he basically just came out of a stupor to see Zak heading right for him.

And after all of that, we learn that Ashley decided to take leave from the show because of her traumatic experience associated with this episode.

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Ghost Adventures – Route 666 – S13E06 – Part 1

814864_2So we’re off on the Ghost Adventures Halloween Tour. According Zak, we will start in Nevada and head south into Texas, following the trail of Satan himself. That is indeed a bold statement.

There are several destinations ahead, with the first of El Paso, Texas on the border of Juarez, Mexico. According to Zak, the violence and death seen in this area is due to the demons feeding off the dark energy. They head to the De Soto hotel, where it is said evil sprits lurk in all corners because of all the Satanic worship. This is supported by the sound of little girls in the basement of the hotel and the fact a Satan worshipper, when captured by the authorities, put curses on the officers.

Tenants say they hear a little girl running around, but when they open doors for her or get to the stairs, no one is there. There is also a story of a gunman that open fire in the hotel, and according to one of the men who witnessed the incident, he was possessed by something evil. His body convulsed on the floor and he spoke in tongues.

Based on these stories, Zak feels the little girl is actually a demon in disguise. Additionally, residents are fearful of the basement, even though most of them have never been down there.

To get a lay of the land, Zak meets with the property manager and heads down to the basement. He begins to feel dizzy and fights violent thoughts that aren’t his own. They meet with Rev. Harry Flores who says he saw a pentagram on the basement floor and people have claimed pebbles were thrown at them. When the location of the pentagram is pointed out, that’s where Zak says he was standing when became dizzy and violent. The Reverend, standing the same spot, doesn’t show the same behavior.

Reverend Flores, then takes them to the Concordia Cemetery, established in 1856 and the location of some 60,000 burial plots. It is also said that Richard Ramirez, the Nightstalker, not only slept in the cemetery to escape his abusive father, but also performed Satanic rituals. And it appears he’s not the only one as the Reverend claims there are decapitated Jesus statues, the remains of animals and upside down crosses. He also shows off the Infant Nursery, a separate plot of graves where people claim to hear the giggling of children.

The actual investigation starts with Zak in the basement of the De Soto hotel and Billy back in the Concordia Cemetery. You can tell right off the bat, Billy is not having a good time. But things aren’t much better for Zak as he smells something putrid right at the entrance to the basement. He gets the building manager, who agrees there is something rather foul in the air, although they don’t identify a source. A toilet could have exploded for all we know.

As they enter the basement, it’s only a matter of minutes before Aaron says he’s not feeling well, and there is the sound of a pebble being thrown. With the spirit box running, Aaron gets a male and female voice come through.

Zak, Aaron and Jay experience quite a few scares and when Zak has had enough, he brings out a large bundle of sage and burns it to cleanse the evil. He burns it right over the area where the pentagram would have been drawn on the floor. Aaron and Jay are both concerned about this sage burning and begin to become anxious and hostile. They claim they want to lash out against Zak and stop him. While their aggression is heightened, they also hear an argument break out right above them. This argument is linked to demonic activity and isn’t related to some sort of alcohol fueled dispute, because this is too high class an area for that sort of thing.

With their nerves on edge and the sage essence burning in the basement, they see something quite shocking on the monitors. One of the cameras picks up a fan as it moves off the ledge where it’s resting. It moves to the side, then collapses to the floor as though being pulled by a cord. When Zak rushes to the scene, he says there is an icy cold wind. And while discussing the ramifications of a junk fan falling in a basement, a light turns on above their heads. This again is the work of the demonic rather being related to junk wiring in such a well maintained and high class residence.

We also get some fun scenes of the residents playing with a camera that falls from it’s perch. A few seem quite taken with it and gaze longingly into the lens, while they ponder how much it might be worth at the local pawn shop.

Meanwhile, back in the cemetery, Billy recites a small prayer which concludes with the sound of a crow cawing at him. This nearly causes Billy to soil himself. Right on the heels of that, a group of figures is seen walking on the perimeter of the cemetery. Zak feels these are demonic shadow figures coming out of the sinister trio of trees that Billy is near. These trees are supposed to have sprung up like a trident in the location where Richard Ramirez practiced his Satanism. Based on the fact they are simply a few trees in a line and in no way form a trident, I’m not sure what Zak’s talking about.

These sinister figures, who also happen to have automobile traffic moving behind them, don’t accost Billy or cause him any harm, they simply plod along, but he is a wreck and nearly frightened out of his wits. So much so, that he calls the authorities to come look around. However, they find nothing and he doesn’t record any other activity and nothing reveals itself to him.

And with that, they move on to their next location – Denton, Texas, a location on the so called Pentagram of Blood.

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