Destination Truth – Siberian Snowman – s04e05

Josh and the team head out to Siberia for another in their series of hunting down Bigfoot, this time the Siberian Snowman. The Siberian version is pretty similar to all the other versions, a big, furry, somewhat human looking creature that is exceptionally tall, reclusive and although often seen, is rarely photographed.

The team lands in Red Square where they fulfill Dan’s dream of Break Dancing in Russia. He has some skills too! Well, sort of. I’m sure the locals thought it was great!

They break away and meet with an authority on the Almas who claims they’ve found hundreds of footprints and have dozens of sightings. Alas, there is no photographic evidence of the Snowman running around in the hills.

They head into the high country with the help of plane, train and automobile and end up at the home of someone who’s seen the Almas first hand. But first, they’re offered a sumptuous feast. And not just anything will do for this group, it needs to be horse. And not just any part of the horse, the butt end. In his own words, Josh proves he’s hungry enough to eat a horse.

Their host gives them some details of her encounter and tells them they need to go further up the mountain to find the Snowman. So they rent a military transport and head up the mountain. The road is pretty steep going and soon they have to ditch the truck and go the rest of the way on foot.

On the walk, they get something on the thermal but they aren’t able to catch up with it. They press on and make base camp before heading out into the night.

Things get pretty exciting when Ali, Gabe and Shawn are standing near the mountain side and hear something large moving around and rocks falling. But the way things play out, the team takes off running and we don’t have any idea what was there. Looks like they might have been on to something, but bailed out a little soon.

All is not lost as they come across a tuft of hair tucked away in the foliage.

Meanwhile, Josh, Bobby and Mike come across what appears to be some massive footprints. They follow the trail, but are soon surrounded by wolves. Now is a good time to head back to base camp. Note to self, for a frozen expanse of wilderness with very few people around, there are plenty of wild animals. And no shortage of scares.

With fur ball in hand they head back to the main road and move on to their next location. But first, they need to stop at a local market for some supplies. Supplies include a whip to keep Josh under control, trendy shirts for Mike and Gabe, and a pipe so Dan can solve crimes. The stuff they find in markets is simply amazing, not to mention bizarre.

They meet up with a woman who claims to have seen the Almas while camping. She explains the area is quite rugged and they’ll need different transportation than the 4×4 Mystery Machine. Armed with a tank, yes indeed a real tank, Josh heads up the mountain. I think he needs to keep that tank for future investigations. Well, if he hadn’t broken it. But seriously, a tank!

Their new ride is turned into base camp and the team heads out to find more evidence. Bobby and Shawn find more footprints in the snow while Josh finds more tracks of his own. Josh even find a clearing where something large was laying down or rolling around in the snow. They’re able to find a urine sample and take it back with them.

The perimeter alarm goes off but ultimately they aren’t able to find the cause.

In the end they gather up their evidence and head back to Los Angeles. The fur clump turns out to be from an Ibex which is native to the region. The footprints are from something heavy which more than likely walks upright but they can’t make out much more. Unfortunately, they don’t come up with much to support the idea of a Siberian Snowman. The foot prints are certainly interesting but there’s quite a few animals which could have left those, the most obvious being a bear.

There would be food and water for a creature to live and hide up there, but you would think after all this time they would have found a carcass or some other tangible piece of evidence to it’s existence. Seems to me, like a bear or some other animal has been mistaken as the Snowman. And for the close up encounters it would seem like wolves or something similar would be to blame. Not much evidence here, perhaps he’s hanging out in Florida.

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