Destination Truth – Haunted Island Ruins / Moroccan Succubus S04E07

Haunted Island Ruins

Josh heads out to find a creature that haunts a series of man made islands in Micronesia. People hear noises in the night and don’t want to go visit the ruins. Legend has I that Governor Burg took away some bones from the location and soon after was plagued with illness and died. It’s very similar to the stories of the archeologists who opened the tomb to King Tut.

As they start of their trip they get the coolest car yet which is a beat up truck with a tiki bar on top. I’m surprised we don’t see more of these on the road, they are quite fashionable and wonderfully practical. Wherever Josh goes, a party is sure to follow with this baby. The police have to give him a warning though as his driving is making him pass in the wrong lane. He breaks out there’s a tiki hut of my roof excuse and they let him go. Seems you can get away with all sorts of things if you’re driving a tiki hut.

Before the investigation begins, Josh does some fine haggling at the local market where he comes away with some fine pottery and a copy of Major Payne. Now that’s a store that stocks everything! Of course he has to wake up the shop keepers before he can do any business with them.

But you can’t just go traipsing into the jungle and set up base camp. You need to ask for permission first, so Josh arranges a visit with the local tribal chief to see if they can go and investigate the ruins. These are the parts of the show I really like. We get to see Josh immerse himself in their traditions and show his respect for their beliefs and way of life. It’s really a neat thing to see.

And with permission granted and words of warning offered, the team heads out to the ruins and makes base camp. The team quickly split into the two groups and heads out into the night to see what they can find. Dan, Bobby and Shawn head out and find the tomb of Governor Berg and while looking around see an orb peeking through the undergrowth. They keep hearing noises while they set up for an EVP. The orb looks like a flashlight reflection but it’s on the other side of the plants so who knows what they’re looking at.

In another part of the jungle, Josh, Ali, Gabe and Mike find the ruined temple and crawl into the courtyard. They hear rustling in the trees as though something is walking around. Gabe then claims to see a shadow. The team checks the area then finds the main tomb where they sit down for an EVP session. They all feel a blast of cold air and then almost immediately Josh is feeling sick and has to leave. As he leaving things go really bad and he’s actually vomiting. The team gets him back to base camp where they get him an IV to rehydrate him. But it doesn’t end there, Josh is sick for the rest of the day and for the trip out of the Micronesia. Whatever it was, it got a hold of him that’s for sure.

As for the evidence there might be a response during an EVP. It’s a barely audible "yes" which the team finds interesting, but they aren’t staking the whole investigation on it. But the EVP comes at the time and place where Josh got incredibly sick. Was some bad food catching up to him or was something causing him problems? It’s interesting the whole team didn’t get ill so it’s hard to say if this is just an odd coincidence or if something dealt with Josh since he was the leader of the team.

Aisha Kandisha

There is a strange and mythical creature that is said to hypnotize men and lure them to their death. She has great beauty, but talons on her wings and the feet of a camel. (Oh the ex-wives jokes I could make!) Locals claim she is very real and very dangerous. It’s basically the story of the Siren of the ocean that lead sailors to their death. She’s not trying to wreck them on the coral reef, she’s trying to lure them over the side of a cliff in the desert.

Josh talks with eyewitnesses who claim to have seen her only days earlier. Josh and the team will need to head out into the desert and find the abandoned Kasbah which is where Aisha is said to live. Considering the rather rotten luck Josh has with air travel I was quite stunned he decided to use a hot air balloon for recon.

But low and behold he finds the ruins, marks them on GPS, then jumps in some dune buggies and blazes a trail to set up base camp. The builds are very old and look paper thin. The wind has certainly made them unstable. It looks like it’s been pretty much turned over to the local wildlife.

As the investigation starts, who was wondering how long it would take for someone to say "Rock the Kasbah"? Everyone knew it was coming, no one was bold enough to say it. :)

Ali and Shawn head out and come across bats and an owl making all sorts of noise in the night. This would certainly noises and screams that people hear. The owl screech pierces the quiet night! I bet that travels for miles.

Josh and Mike listen with the parabolic dish and hear the distinctive sound of chains rattling. Natives say you can tell Aisha is around because you can hear these chains. But as they both say, it could be from anything and definitely sounds mechanical. And who knows where it is, that sound could be hundreds of yards away.

They really don’t find much except for a crumbling building that literally comes down in Josh’s face, just as Mike predicted. It doesn’t deter him though, and the team presses on for more evidence. There’s little else to find however and the team heads back with a couple tooth fragments and a hinged bone. Both turn out to be from a cow.

It seem the legend of Aisha is mainly based off of wild sounds in the desert night. The screeching of the birds is certainly unnerving and when you add rattling chains and perhaps the howl of the wind you certainly have the makings for a very creepy night. But what are the people being attacked by? That could be anything, but my guess is on a wild dog or a wolf. Those always seem to be around in places like this.

Looks like both of these cases are the stuff of legend where regular events get blown out of proportion and take on a life of their own.

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