Exorcist II – Heretic – Ranking 3 out of 5

Exorcist II – Heretic – Ranking 3 out of 5

As far as sequels go this falls into the same category as most, it doesn’t live up to the original. However, this sequel has a confusing plot, and really seems to be a forced story to capitalize on the success of the original. We really get no insight into the previous events and we go no advancement of the story. There are a couple of decent scenes but the past life dealings with Pazuzu lead to a fairly bland and uneventful ending.

Linda’s back and she’s more confused than ever. Some of the dialog comes off as laughable and some of the medical “procedures” just seem dumb. There aren’t really any tense moments like we get in the first film and we don’t have the same sort of tense showdown. In the original we have Regan battling with the devil himself, in this one, who knows what’s going on.

The movie is worth watching because there are a couple of scenes of note, but on the whole you don’t get anything out of this one.

Exorcist II – Heretic

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