Saw is perhaps one of the most original horror movies to come in recent memory. It went with a minimalist approach in characters, sets and scope.

I didn’t first see Saw until well after it came out on DVD. It was coming close to Halloween and after dozens of people were talking about it I put it on my list to watch. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Everyone knows the story – two guys locked in an unknown room and they need to try and get out. But what will they do to save themselves? Why are they here? Who is the other person, friend or foe?

The tone of Saw is tense and gripping. What will these two men do to get out? Can they trust each other? Can they work together and get out? Who is going to kill who in order to save themselves?

We get several flashback scenes that help to understand the motives. We get to understand that Jigsaw is looking to make the men repent and redeem themselves. But the part that makes Saw different is the fact that there is a plot behind it all. There is a reason these men are here. There is a reason they are made to suffer.

And of course as we hit the end of the movie we see it’s all just a game. A well thought out, diabolical game.

The acting is a little stiff and some observations during the movie don’t need to be said out loud, we all can see what the saw will be used for. But overall this is a good movie and is definitely full of chills and tense moments. Lionsgate really garnered publicity by bringing this movie to light. And now they have a whole horror genre at their disposal.

Saw is one of the better horror movies out there and despite some quirks it’s a still a great movie to watch. Hell it’s on sale practically everywhere, there is no reason not to get a copy. I got mine for $5. :)

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