Ghost Adventures asks for help after fire destroys home of GAC family member

From the GAC website:

The Ghost Adventures Crew receives literally hundreds of requests for help. We can not possibly respond to every one, much as we wish we could. However, this request came to us from an official GAC family team member, and we wanted to facilitate getting the message out to other GAC family teams and members of the paranormal community as a whole that this family could really use our help.

Earlier this month, the home that the co-founder of GAC official team The Seekers (Teresa Widner) grew up in burned to the ground. At the time of the fire, her son was living in the home with his wife and their two little girls. Their three year old woke them up and alerted them to the fire, which is why they all escaped with their lives. However, the family has lost everything, and there is no insurance. Pamela Petty, the other co-founder, recruited us to the cause. The family is staying with others in a home with 12 people sharing the space. They need to replace their belongings too.

We are aware that things are tight for families all over the country right now. We are asking you to look into your hearts and see if you can donate ANY amount to this family to help them get back on their feet. As we all know, many small amounts can quickly add up to a significant amount, and every cent is acknowledged and appreciated.

You can send messages of support to Teresa and her family at

Please, consider helping us at Ghost Adventures Crew to help this family.

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