Destination Truth – Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun S03E10

Hunting for Leprechauns? On St. Patrick’s Day? In Ireland? Surely you jest! Laugh as you will, Josh and team head to Ireland to search for the wee little people. But first they head to Israel to search for the Ghosts of the Masada.

Right off the bat we see Josh has his usual luck with vehicles wherein his Jeep is dumped on the curb at the airport and then proceeds to breakdown shortly after he starts driving.

After a quick vehicle change, Josh and team are off to the Dead Sea for a little playtime on the beach. Like kids stuck in the car for too many hours, Ryder, Mike and the other beg and plead to get out and play in the water. Apparently playing in the Dead Sea isn’t dangerous enough for Josh and he hangs back by the car watching over his flock.

But then it’s on to Masada, which is the site of a mass suicide where thousands of citizens decided to end their own lives rather than submit to the Romans. People claim to hear voices and see figures roaming around.

At the synagogue, Josh, Ryder and Mike capture what looks to be a figure on the thermal imager. Now, it could just be someone else walking around up there, but it was pretty neat.

While walking around in the same area they test what the echo would be like and it’s very easy to hear low voices bounce off the terrain. In theory people talking off the distance could comes across as disembodied voices. Those spiritual voices could easily be carried by the wind.

With the evidence collected, it’s time for someone in the states to review it. I think it’s funny Josh gets Jason and Grant to check it out. Considering they don’t analyze the evidence on their own show, why are they doing it for Josh?

They agree the apparition on the thermal is pretty neat and they sort of debunk the voices and the echoes.

For the second part of the trek it’s off to Ireland in search of Leprechauns. Strangely Josh finds a group of Leprechauns right there in the airport and they have grand plans to head to London to get drunk. So, if you’re looking for Leprechauns, just hang out in the airport, sooner or later, they’ll turn up.

And speaking of, Josh and team hit the Irish Pub to learn of the Irish culture. First lesson, how to drink Guinness. Clearly this is what you need to do in order to see Leprechauns, people in town told him so. I guess it doesn’t hurt that the bar owner has a Leprechaun skeleton on the premises.

Josh doesn’t spend all his time in the pub, he does actually make it out in to the protected woods to see if there is any truth to the Leprechaun legend. They do get a few things moving around with the thermal imager and he does find some weird glowing soil; glowing as in warm, not glowing as in radioactive – that’s in Chernobyl. While on the hunt, a group of cows is discovered but alas, they are no help in finding Leprechauns.

But wait, just when you thought nothing was going to happen, they cued the dramatic music as a discovery of bones was made.

After the analysis, they were found to be sheep bones, and based on the photos Josh took, the Leprechaun bones in the bar most likely chicken bones, probably from the Buffalo Wings. While Josh did find a rainbow on his travels there was no pot of gold and no Leprechauns. Curse the bad luck.

But as always it was very amusing and Josh got plenty of shopping done.

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2 Responses to Destination Truth – Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun S03E10

  • I thought of you when I saw the car break down. I remember in some other post when you were talking about DT and Josh’s mechanical mishaps you said he never fails to have one. Yep, 1st epi lived up to that assessment!

  • RottenOne says:

    Heh! I’ve been somewhat surprised so far, Josh’s mishaps with vehicles and animals has been somewhat minimal, but then again he’s been trekking around China and the US so it makes sense he gets a decent car. But it won’t last.

    And I’ll say it again, I’m completely surprised there wasn’t an incident with that helicopter while he was chasing the Jersey Devil. I was waiting for warning light or the sound of tearing metal. :)

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