Destination Truth – Vampire Monster and Island of the Damned – S05E06

Vampire Monster

For this episode of Destination Truth, Josh and the team head to Romania to look into reports of a real vampire monster. It’s not Dracula, but a blood sucking creature that roams the back woods sucking the blood out of animals and causing villagers to abandon their homes.

They first start off by heading to the hometown of Vlad the Imapler, the real life inspiration for the fictional Dracula. Seems the town takes quite a bit of pride in their heritage. They have a well maintained historical museum, as well as some amusement rides and haunted houses.

But amusements aside, the villagers believe they’ve seen a human like figure with horse like legs. There is an abandoned village which seems to be a shelter for the creature. After a pretty treacherous hike they make it to a small settlement out in the middle of nowhere.

They come across several buildings, some of which are adorned with some spectacular artwork. The walls and ceilings are adorned with religious painting, but yet some of the figures seem to have their eyes scratched out. Interesting. There is also the large stake in the corner that causes everyone in the group to jump when it falls over. Hmm, long wooden stake in a church where a Dracula like creature is supposed to hide. That’s something isn’t it? :)

There is also a massive cave, with hundreds of bones scattered around. These are the remains of animals that have either fallen through the large hole at the top and taken a terrible plunge, or they’ve been drug into the cave by something looking to eat it’s dinner in peace. Which do we think is more probable?

Ok, back to the abandoned church. Why in the hell is this group so damn skiddish? Everytime there’s a noise or a bang they come to pieces, start screaming and make like Scooby-Doo and haul ass in the opposite direction. I mean damn, you would think they could hold it together a little bit better.

The team does manage to capture some animals of the thermal imager and Josh bags up a massive tooth he finds in the death cave. So what do they turn out to be? More than likely the animals in the woods are wolves. That would make sense since they’re in the woods and away from other people. The animal remains turn out to be a dog, goat and a goat. The interesting thing though, Josh comes away with the tooth of a cave bear – an animal that’s been extinct for 27,000 years. That’s a pretty sweet find.

Do we think there’s anything out in those woods other than wolves?

Island of the Damned

The team heads out to Sweden to investigate a haunted island. There are reports of witches and supernatural events. According to reports, around 300 witches were burned in this area. Rumors claim there were ceremonies to conjure the devil himself.

Also on the island is a stone labyrinth. It is believed that if you walk through the maze at night, you will see the spirit of the witches. However, if you remove one of the stones, you will be cursed. Apparently, hundreds of people take the stones as a joke only to send them back with an apology letter asking if the stones can returned. Since taking one, people are surrounded by bad luck. Lars, the city official who handles all these letters, has a mighty stack of them. He even asks Josh to take one of the stones back with him. Cursed rock in the pocket, cool!!

So the team heads out to the island to check it out. Part of the island has a forest, the other side is rather bare. There is also a cabin where scientists, photographers and other guests can stay, if they have the stones for it.

The team begins to hear noises like a female cry and chanting. They do what they can to find the source, but it doesn’t reveal anything. Considering it’s windy out there are we sure it isn’t just the wind blowing off the rocks and the trees? I think we’ve seen plenty of cases where the wind makes some very strange noises. And does anyone else think the screams sound a lot like birds?

But anyway, Josh finds and begins to walk through the stone maze. Ironically, they capture something bobbing along the bath. At first it looks like a bug, but the movement is just downright odd. It’s not a light because of the way it bounces. That’s pretty strange. I don’t think it’s something paranormal, but unusual.

For the big scare of the night we have Ryder and Richie in the cabin. Ryder and Richie begin to hear some noises. Considering the storm and the wind outside, it doesn’t seem that out of character. But like before, Ryder and Richie all but soil their pants as something happens and start screaming like they’re in a B-Movie. I mean Egad!! What the hell were they freaking out at? We didn’t see anything! But… Later Josh discovers a low voice in that audio segment. Was it actually saying "Get out"?

All in all, I think the team got worked up and started jumping at everything that went bump in the night. I don’t think the bouncing light in the maze is noteworthy. I don’t think there was anything in the cabin and the screams and voices are the wind whistling in the trees and swirling on the rocks. Add to that some screeching birds and I think you have everything you need. The island has a stone maze, it’s secluded, it’s dangerous and somewhat scary. What more do you need to start instilling fear about witchcraft, demons, goblins and the devil?

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