Paranormal State – Ghosts of the Forgotten – S05E08

For this episode, Elfie wants to investigate the Lake County Poor House which house immigrants, the mentally ill and criminals. There are several claims of activity including one woman who says her chair was pulled out from underneath her by the spirits. There is even a claim that a hanging too place up in the attic.

Why Elfie wants to investigate the place is a bit of a mystery since she acts like she doesn’t want to be there. She doesn’t seem too interested in participating and certainly doesn’t want to be alone in the place. When she goes off to investigate the attic she can’t get out of there fast enough. We do learn however that Elfie has been absent from the show due to several tragic events in her own life. Both her father and brother have recently passed away. I’m surprised she came back at all even is she is more just hanging out on the sidelines, but Ryan’s condescending attitude toward her is just more than I can stand. He acts like she a holier than thou ass to her. He’s treating her like a little kid. I’m surprised she put up with it.

But the part of the show that really drove me nuts, was the Ganzfeld experiment. It’s time to tape some golf balls over our eyes and strap ourselves to a chair and call it science. This is just the dumbest experiment I’ve seen. When you give yourself sensory deprivation what do you think is going to happen? You will think all sorts of things are going on that aren’t real. Let’s hallucinate and call it the paranormal. This is a BS experiment. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

The only interesting part was Serge debunking a picture of a ghostly figure caught in the window. He believes it to be a trick of light (even though the guy who took the picture argues vehemently that it isn’t and even becomes defensive about it) and ends taking a similar photo using his flash.

However, that is about the only thing that happens on this investigation. They don’t seem to capture anything and Ryan spends all his time belittling Elfie. This was a real stinker of an episode and gives more support that Ryan can be a real asshole sometimes.

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