Paranormal State – Haunted Homecoming – S05E13

For this investigation PRS is involved in a pretty sad case where a boy was shot and killed on Halloween night while out trick or treating. Unfortunately he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Interestingly, Chris Cook, who happens to be writing a book about the incident, brings PRS down and also claims to see a glowing figure on the front lawn while he was doing research. There really aren’t any other claims, but Ryan does talk to the current resident who claims he keeps getting locked out of his house. Bad lock couldn’t possibly cause that.

As the investigation begins, Ryan feels he is being grabbed. He also claims to see balls of light moving around the room and that he feels the bed move as he’s sitting on it. Christina, who barely says anything during this whole episode claims to see the curtain move. We’ll completely discount the idea of a car driving by and a gust of wind.

While looking over the evidence there are claims the radio goes berserk, but unless I missed it, none of that was captured on film. All we see is the boombox after the fact. Ryan even says he had to unplug and clearly none of that was shown.

For the next Dead Time, they walk around the house trying to talk to TJ. Truth of it is, there are no bangs, or footsteps or noises of any kind. It’s basically just a quiet house.

I really don’t know what message Ryan thinks he got and is delivering. As far as I can tell nothing actually happens. I can’t say they caught evidence of anything. How can they say they made contact of any sort?A bed that gave a slight bounce?

It’s a very sad story, but I don’t see that this episode had any sort of paranormal angle to it.

And if you’re going to bring a guest on to the show, perhaps they should actually do something …

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