Paranormal State S04E02 – Invitation to Evil

Ryan and team are called out to a house where a three year old claims she heard scratches and clawing at the walls and apparently has fits where she cries out for Jesus and spouts off some rather colorful language.

Michelle Bellanger comes out to get a sense of the house and says she senses clawing creatures and forces trying to dig their way out.

Since the activity came out of nowhere Ryan feels there has to be a trigger to it all. While having a conversation with the client’s brother Ryan hears a story where he dabbled in the occult and tried to summon a spirit. The brother created a summoning circle but before he could close it the rest of the group bailed on him and ran out of it. Ryan feels that since the circle is still open they have a created a gateway to the demonic. Man it’s easy to conjure up bad spirits. Too bad the good ones don’t answer the phone as readily.

Much to my surprise Ryan doesn’t call for an exorcism. Instead he feels they need to perform a closing ceremony to cut the spirits off. I find it amazing that someone can perform some half-assed ritual of the occult and you get possessed and open a doorway to hell right in your living room. But people spend their entire lives in hopes of getting glimpse of the divine and get nothing for it. And the people who do claim they have a conduit to the Almighty show up on TV in shiny suits. Just seems a little off balance to me.

In the end the closing ceremony is all they need to do. Gather around the kitchen table, hold hands, do a little chanting and viola, everything is right as rain. No more child hearing noises at night, no bumps, no bangs. I have to say, this one seemed a little weird.

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