Destination Truth – Ghosts of Cannibal Village and Kapre – S05E03

For this episode the team faces down some cannibals of Fiji that have a pretty nasty history. Not only did they turn against a priest doing missionary work in the village, the practice seems to encompass dozens, perhaps even hundreds of victims. The natives turned on Reverend Baker and at him as well as several others. They didn’t just kill the Reverend, he was actually eaten. Pretty grim stuff right there.

The entire story reads like the prologue to a horror movie. Cannibals eat the Reverend, then a curse is placed on the village. Tribal Chiefs die and now the spirit seems to haunt the place. And unlike a lot of other stories they investigate, there is tons of facts supporting this one. They have relics in the museum, historians and descendents all saying the same story.

So, the team heads out into the village and finds a "cannibal oven". That’s pretty grim. Ryder finds a stone that seems to be bleeding. They locate the actual axe used to kill the Reverend, which then falls during an EVP session, as well as Katie seemingly getting her hair touched during and isolation/EVP session. Some strange things going on out there that’s for sure.

Is the village being haunted by the spirit of the Reverend who was cooked and eaten by the tribe? Are there still secretive cannibal ceremonies still going on out there that stir the spirits? Are the villagers simply guilt ridden over the past and seeing signs in everyday occurrences?

I’d very much like to see a followup episode at this location.


The teams heads out to the Philippines looking for nasty little creature called the Kapre. If nothing else, it sounds like El Chupacabra.

It has to be said that the local village has some interesting names for their local watering holes.

But into the jungle they go to find the lair of the Kapre. They do get several thermal hits, follow them down into the riverbed, where Josh nearly gets swept away. He’s not doing to well with water hazards so far this season. I’m also terribly amused that as soon as the team thinks they see a snake in the undergrowth the drop Ryder like a bad habit and leave her for dead. Wow. Way to protect the team!

With evidence in hand they talk with Mike Dee to analyze the animal footage. There are some monkey like animals out there in jungle which might be mistaken for the Kapre. There are also some wild pigs roaming around and calling the jungle home.

No conclusive evidence, but yet again, another wide area of jungle where plenty of animals could go unnoticed. Is there something lurking out there or do we have mistaken identity again? They don’t come away with hair samples or castings, so this one will have to stay a mystery for awhile longer.

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