Destination Truth – Return to the Haunted Forest and Belize Goblin (Tata Duende)- S05E02

For this episode, the new team is joined by Evan and the head off to Romania to the spot where Evan had a close encounter with a strange force. On his past visit, the was grabbed and pulled out of his seat. If you watch the previous video, he’s there once second and gone the next. Something scared the hell out of him.

This was also the trip where they scouted the scene by plane and just happened to lose the roof of their aircraft. This tale also happens to open the Destination Truth by Josh. So needless to say, the original trip was one hell of an adventure. Will the followup yield the same craziness?

To put it simply, yes it does.

But first, our visit to the market. The street carnies are a little aggressive in those parts and I want one of those cubes the store the children in. I can use that for my co-workers. A few of those kids need a bit of a timeout.

While scouting the area by plane, their aircraft runs into some very high wins and causes plenty of havoc in the cockpit. It’s another DT emergency landing with the crew scrambling to the ground and thinking their lucky stars.

When the team hits the investigation they have all sorts of things going on. To be honest, I think Evan worked himself into a frenzy for this investigation. He was probably convinced something was going to happen so in his mind, every sound, every breeze, every brush of the grass sent him over the edge. He does end up feeling strange and disoriented by the time it’s over, to the point where he has blood coming out his ears. So what’s that all about? Did he do that to himself in a fit of panic? Did he get his heart racing so fast and hard that he did damage to himself? Or was there a touch by some unseen force in the barren circle?

Belize Goblin

The heads out to Belize to investigate a goblin that causes problems for the locals. First, they need to deal with the manual swinging bridge. Hey, that’s good exercise.

Out on the investigation they travel by air boat to their destination. They end up in some flooded caverns. I’m not sure what spooks Josh, but panic seems to set in for a minute and he gets the team out of there. Judging from the size of the caves, it’s certainly possible something could live in that massive system of tunnels and not be discovered. It would also provide plenty of water and a food source.

So is the Tata Duende real? It could certainly be mistaken identity. Plenty of primates inhabit the area. But are they too small and weak to cause the havoc the villagers claim? It’s hard to say. These sorts of stories take on a larger than life quality and this one seems to have a bit more myth and legend surrounding it.

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