Haunted Highway – El Dorado Hell Hounds and Georgia Skinstealer – S01E04

El Dorado Hell Hounds

This sounds like the plot the Sherlock Holmes mystery, Hound of the Baskervilles; a group of marauding dogs that mutilate animals and chase down people. Jack and Dana head off to Nevada to see if there is any truth to these rumors.

They meet with several people who tell tale of dogs that were abused by mine owners and left to die when the mines dried up. The animals were abused and perhaps even slaughtered.

Out onto the plains they go to discover any evidence. One the first night there is a large mass running across the field heading right toward Dana. It looks to be on a collision course with her and running on all fours. Strangely, they don’t make any contact and don’t find any physical evidence of what it was. Bear? Coyote? Feral Dog?

On the second night they head into a large cave system thought to be the home of the Hell Hounds. They leave a lantern on at the mouth of the cave, but while rattling some chains to insight the dogs the lantern mysteriously falls. Coincidence? A lamp sitting on a rock in the middle of the night isn’t the most stable of things. Did gravity simply grab hold of it?

Like so many of these investigations done at night on the open plains, I think there are simply too many indigenous animals in the area to conclude there is something otherworldly going on.

Georgia Skinstealer

This particular legend is just plain weird. It tells of spirit or energy that holds down it’s victim and steals out their lifeforce or essence. It sounds like some sort of soul sucker and Jael and Devin head down to Savannah GA to see what they can find.

They head out into the swamps, make camp and then try to induce the entity to visit Jael while she’s sleeping. They have cameras and imagers set up to record temperature changes and record her sleep. Everything is pretty uneventful until the very end. There is some sort of green blob, or cold spot, on part of the tent. This is supposed to indicate the presence of the Skinstealer. And Jael wakes up gasping for breath and is disoriented. Nothing is really captured during the night so did she just have some odd dreams while sleeping in an unfamiliar location? Is that green spot indicative of something sinister? Do we need to add this to the list of things Savannah is haunted by?

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