Amityville Horror house goes on sale for $1.5M


One of the most famous, if not most infamous houses in the country is up for sale. The house of Amityville horror fame, which was the scene of the real-life deaths of the DeFeo family and then supposed location for the supernatural events that plagued the Lutz’s is on the market for a whopping $1.5 Million. Considering the Lutz’s purchased the house for $80k, that’s a pretty impressive rise in home values.

We know the DeFeo murders were real, but the verdict is still out on whether the house itself is actually haunted considering no other ghostly hauntings have been reported by any of the subsequent owners. I wonder what it would take to get some investigators in there and check the place out before another set of owners take over? Is the place haunted? Does it really have some bad karma surrounding it?


Amityville Horror House up for sale. Does price include ghosts?

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