Ghost Adventures tries to gain access to the White House

Zak and the team are trying desperately to get into the White House. Not to go on a tour and look at portraits of past presidents but to do an actual investigation. This is ambitious to be sure and quite frankly I would like to see them get there.

Rumors abound that ghostly figures still inhabit the White House. And more than one occupant has looked to the other side for answers. We know of several First Ladies who sought spiritual advice to help with tough decisions.

I think this would be a great show, but incredibly awkward. I don’t think they will turn off the lights and let Zak and team wander around the place. I don’t think Secret Service will just get out of the way and turn off their equipment so it doesn’t mess with their meters. It’s a bold and daring plan but I’m pretty sure the White House is going to quell this idea no matter how many signatures they get. But who knows, maybe Obama will come down and do an EVP session with them.

Just like so many other places the White House has seen and been a part of plenty of turmoil and upheaval. It would certainly make sense that there’s activity in and around the place. No one is really saying  it’s haunted, but I think there has been plenty of storytelling to lend support that people see and feel things there. But who knows, could just be a creepy painting right?

Check out the full story of the Ghost Adventures team and their plea here:

To The White House

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