Alone in a Haunted House

This spine-chilling and deeply thought-provoking documentary follows the exploits of paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren, who, in an attempt to prove or disprove once and for all the existence of apparitions and spirits, spends a night in a home known to be haunted. What transpires is positively spooky as Warren (who wrote How to Hunt Ghosts) uses tools such as infrared scanners and electrostatic generators to arrive at the truth.

At a run time of 25 minutes this show is about as riveting as watching paint dry. And the ending is just as predictable.

There is nothing “positively spooky” or “spine-chilling” and there is absolutely no “truth” to be arrived at. How and why this was turned into a DVD is a complete mystery to me; it’s absolutely horrible.

Joshua Warren builds up the drama by saying he will spend the night alone in a haunted house. An interesting premise and could be the lead in for something quite unique. But that’s not what happens. For a place that is supposedly haunted where he documented activity previously, absolutely nothing happens. While his Shatner-esque delivery of dialog is mildly amusing this story goes nowhere.

You hear a couple of creaks and bangs (in an old house that’s a shocker), see a lot of dust (who would have thought you would see dust in a house from the 1920’s which has been vacated for months) and that’s about it.

It’s not interesting, it’s not entertaining, it’s not even long enough to get a tour of the house. A complete waste of time and I’m not going to spend more time writing about how bad it was than the length of the show itself.

Alone in a Haunted House

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