The big Halloween finale!

You knew it was coming. You knew I was going to do something spectacular and ridiculous this Halloween and here it is!

6 little pumpkins all in a row
All filled with kerosene ready to go
Strike the match and run like hell
These little babies give off a good napalm smell

I had the kids help me carve up 6 pumpkins. We lined them up in the yard and let them rip. I have to say, it’s a pretty impressive sight!

For the big finale we had Hannibal Lecter, Edward Scissorhands, Scream, and two ghosts from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Quite frankly these pumpkins looked amazing all lit up together. The flames easily hit 3 feet and with that much light the carvings looked great!

I’m so disappointed I won’t get to do anymore this year. I was really just starting to hit my stride. Oh well, I already have some new plans for next year so you just wait and see!

See the full gallery here:

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