More flaming pumpkins

halloween pumpkin carving - glowing hands The night has been ablaze with my latest diabolical creations! The flames reach for the heavens and the neighbors reach for the phone to dial 911.

I’ve been hard at work carving and sculpting my latest creatures of the night and what a time it’s been. With the help of I’ve created some pretty cool pumpkins. I have to say some of those designs are downright tricky. And it doesn’t help that I’m using one of those piece of crap pumpkin carving tools you get out of the $3.99 carving set. Make no mistake I have made amends and have ordered the pumpkin carving kit! It should be here before the end of the week so I can really throw myself into my work.

I did try using a Dremel, but the pumpkin pulp was flying fast and furious with that one. I suppose there are some good uses for it, but for right now it just makes too much of a mess.

But enough of that, I have all new pumpkin creations to show you. Tonight’s goal was to make a pumpkin totem. I started off with three pumpkins which I intended to stack on top of each other. I spent the weekend choosing the patterns and carving the pumpkins. Then came the hard part of actually getting the pumpkins to sit on top of each other. It’s actually a hell of a lot harder to do than it sounds; they have a tendency to topple over.

halloween pumpkin carving - big grinning jack I did my best to level things out by squaring off the top and the bottom and then staking the pieces together using bamboo skewers. It wasn’t fabulous, but it was the best I can do. I have a degree in English not mechanical engineering.

I took my pumpkin structure to the backyard and found a suitable site for the finale. I stuffed my fuel soaked toilet paper down the center of everything and got ready to light it up.

And Holy Crap, did it go up! The flame was a slow build, but within a few seconds a huge column of fire was shooting out the top. It looked like an afterburner! The whole backyard lit up as the flames rushed out the top.

It gathered steam pretty quickly and within a minute or two there was a 4 foot flame shooting out the top. I normally get that, but you have to remember that the pumpkin itself is over 3 feet tall since I stacked them. So, basically I had a 7 foot flame shooting out the top for a little while. It sounded like a giant blowtorch.

flaming halloween pumpkin totem But it was to be shorted lived. The sheer heat caused the pumpkins to bend and soften and the whole structural integrity was in jeopardy. The bottom pumpkin just couldn’t support all that weight and soon it buckled, dislodging the top carving, sending it rolling down the hill. Yeah, there was literally a flaming pumpkin, rolling down the slope of my backyard. Hot pumpkins don’t roll very well and within seconds it shredded itself to pieces and blew apart.

Strangely it was the pumpkin of Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th and his mask broke away completely. I’m not sure if that’s cool or creepy.

I did manage to put the two pumpkins back together, at least for a short time. The top pumpkin was now getting the full force of the fire blast. It wasn’t long before it was blistering and starting to collapse.

It toppled over and deflated, leaving me with just one pumpkin and a whole lot of fire.

It was somewhat short lived, but it was pretty spectacular. Before I try something like this again, I’m gonna need to do a lot more prep work. I need to level off the pumpkins and more than likely get a support beam that the pumpkins can rest against. The top pumpkin is still doomed to roast in the fiery depths, but it should keep it from rolling down the hill next time.

flaming halloween pumpkin I got some great pictures of this little extravaganza. Check out the full gallery and let me know what you think. Plus, if you have your own Halloween gallery let me know, I love to see what other people are up to.


For the full gallery, click here:


Also, if you want bigger versions of these images, I uploaded them to Webshots. They are 1600×1200 and can easily be used as desktop wallpaper.


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