This is your pumpkin, ON FIRE!!

Demented Clown Flaming Pumpkin The night was awash in the silken glow of orange as it gently illuminated my delicate pumpkin carving. A faint glimmer of light that cast soft shadows all around.

Then I added gasoline!

Here we are with my latest batch of diabolical creations! With the help of my son I helped two more pumpkins fulfill their ultimate Halloween destiny and sent their orange little souls to the great pumpkin patch in the sky.

This weekend’s creations were Dementia The Clown and The Immortal. They were actually pretty intricate carvings and each took almost two hours to carve and complete. However, they look pretty darn cool. But I have to say that the more time I spend carving the less time they last under the big flame. The heat and flame rips right through the delicate parts the face starts to come apart within a couple of minutes.

The Immortal Flaming Pumpkin Obviously you aren’t supposed to expose your carvings to the conditions and torture I do, but I figure if decide to play along I just wanted to let you know what you’re in for.

The results were unusual to say the least, some of the shots look just plain bizarre. The flames seem to be shooting off in all directions including right through the face. I have to admit this is the first time I’ve used actual gasoline for the fuel source. I much prefer the lamp oil, but at $7.99 a gallon versus $2.40 a gallon, the budget dictates we cut back on costs of these little luxury items, especially when you consider just how many pumpkins meet their maker at my hands.

The Immortal Flaming Pumpkin But anyway, check out the photo gallery, there are some great pictures in this batch. Halloween is only 4 days away and I have to come up with my big finale. I’m not sure if I should go with a big finale like I did last year and set off multiple pumpkins at a time or try to come up with some intricate design in a huge pumpkin. I might have some visitors coming over that night and they may be bringing their own pumpkins so there is still much to plan and plot. Either way, it should be pretty cool.

Of course there is that tinge of sadness since I only get to do this one more time for the year then I have to put it away until 2009.

This is your pumpkin.
This is your pumpkin, ON FIRE!!

If you want to see bigger versions of these pictures you can check out my gallery on Webshots. The images for this set are 1600×1200.

Flaming Pumpkin Photo Gallery

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