2008 Flaming Pumpkin Kickoff

Kang, hell bent on World Domination and the enslavement of all mankind shows off his warrior fierceness and proves that he is a Being not to be trifled with.


Kang Halloween Flaming Pumpkin We have ignition on the 2008 Halloween festivities! My pumpkin was able fulfill its ultimate Halloween destiny last night as I took it out and lit it ablaze in spectacular Viking fashion. I simply couldn’t let Kang and the Werewolf sit idle on the kitchen table, shriveling and gathering bugs. They needed to light up the night, to instill fear and awe upon all who gazed upon them. Plus I had nothing better to do than set something on fire.


And man did it look cool! Right off the bat the flames shot up at least 4 feet and the light and heat were intense. It was a cloudy night with the moon obscured by gray clouds which just added to the mood of the whole event. The flame lit up the side of the house as I set up the camera to grab some pictures.


To try something different I put the lid back on the pumpkin to have the flames shoot through the carvings themselves. It looks really cool even though there is a real chance of being singed when putting the cap on. But with that heat the cutouts don’t last very long and pretty soon Kang had burned out his eyes and the Werewolf was coming apart. The photos with the flame coming out the front look bizarre and the flame has a unique shape to it.


I will have to come up with at least one design where the flame can come shooting out the front. This should look pretty spectacular with the flame shooting toward the camera.


Werewolf flaming halloween pumpkin Even though the flame burned for over an hour it was the first few minutes that had me nervous. As soon as I put the match to it, I heard sirens all around me in the distance.  They were in the distance then would get louder and closer then fade away again like they were looking for me. Sensing an impending interrogation and potential incarceration I began to formulate my cover story to explain why indeed I had stuffed gasoline soaked toilet paper into a pumpkin and then lit it on fire. Running through my list of plausible deniability scenarios and coming up with nothing, I decided to go with the next best tactic… running.


It seemed a little excessive to send the whole squad after me for just one pumpkin, but ultimately I realized they were involved in some other manner of important business and they had no interest in the demonic pumpkin ritual I was performing.


This test pumpkin worked out well and I’m excited to do more. I’ll probably be carving at least one a weekend with some sort of grand finale. I have this vision of some sort of pumpkin totem as my grand sacrifice. We’ll see if I can put that together.





Kang Halloween Pumpkin Werewolf Halloween Pumpkin

Check out the full Halloween display!


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