Session 9

Now this is some good old fashioned creepy story telling that makes you wonder what’s going on. It may lack a little in the substance department, but it’s still pretty cool.

An asbestos removal crew is called in to clean up an old mental asylum (they’re everywhere) so it can be turned into office space. To get the winning bid they claim they can do it in a week less than the competition. Desperate for money and the contract, they again shave off time and claim they can work nearly round the clock to get the job done. Overworked and underpaid odd things begin to happen.

As they begin to remove the debris an old case of cassette tapes is found which contain recordings from a patient with multiple personalities. One member of the team becomes obsessed with listening to the tapes and the dark trauma they reveal. Another team member uncovers a stash of old coins and is soon sneaking back onto the job site at night to retrieve them (but is he alone?). Another is having problems at home with his wife and new baby and the pressure of not getting enough sleep is taking its toll. And finally, one crewman seems to be making interesting deals with the local hooligan youth who seem to be lurking around the grounds.

They all begin to unravel and give way to the pressure of getting the job done. Are they actually going to get paid? Will they get done in time? Where is the rest of the team?

Abandoned mental hospitals are great places to tell a story, but when you throw in grainy tapes of what sounds like a sexual abuse and murder case you’ve got some interesting room to work. Further, the crew keeps disappearing making it harder for the rest of the group. Soon the tensions are overflowing and something is going to snap.

You have to wait until the end to find out what’s really going on. And unlike so many other movies this one actually works. Everyone seems to be hiding something and has plenty of reasons to go off the deep end. But, is it all just stress related or is there some other force working its way around this hospital? Are the events described by the patient related to the hospital? Very little blood and gore, just a movie that spins you around a few times. Keep your expectations low and you’ll have a good time with this one.

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