Another movie that’s really good until it hits the halfway point. Then they have that pesky problem of trying to explain what’s happening and why, and then the whole movie goes to crap.

Kiefer Sutherland plays Ben Carson, a former police detective (aren’t they always) who’s dodgy past has landed him as the security guard for an abandoned mall. But not just any mall, a mall with a checkered past where a fire swept through killing dozens of people. And within this mall of the damned (not to be confused with the Mall of America) evil sprits lurk within the old mirrors and they have taken a liking to Ben and his family. And by liking I mean they are out to get him and his family and cause some wicked self-destruction and mutilation.

As I said, it’s all working until they try to explain why there are evil spirits in the mirrors and why the fire started and why that security guard took a glass shard to the jugular in the opening scenes. But it just doesn’t make sense. Are the spirits seeking vengeance or asking for help? Was the fire an accident or was there a cover-up? Is this is a mall or an insane asylum? And what the hell do we need the Nun for?

To hell with the plot let’s just have a CGI orgasm and throw everything we can onto the screen and hope the audience buys into it. By the time the end comes around you just don’t care anymore. Who cares why any of this is happening, just get me off this buggy.

Lots of potential and some pretty impressive initial effects but overall this really goes nowhere.

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