Ghost Adventures – Linda Vista Hospital

The team jumps in and checks out the Linda Vista Hospital is East LA. A hospital that treated plenty of gang related injuries, but apparently was dishing out some mistreatment of its own. Lawsuits began to pile up because of the way patients were treated and the high number of deaths at the hospital. This ultimately closed the place down and it’s been abandoned ever since.

It certainly ranks up there on the creepy factor. Nothing like having your own incinerator with left over human ash to make you feel warm and welcome. Maybe that’s just leftover trash in there, but then again, what if it isn’t?

In typical fashion we see Aaron running down the hall yelling "No, no, no, no, no" because he heard something behind him. It was quiet, he was on his own, and then he freaked out. Poor Aaron, that guy is going to have a heart attack right on the show.

The spirit voice box makes another appearance. They do have a tendency to say interesting things, but again, their use by the spirit world doesn’t really seem plausible. The guys seem to be using this thing an awful lot lately.

But the big event for the night was Nick absolutely freaking out and throwing himself back through the doorway. I have to say this is the first time I’ve seen him lose control like that. Nick says he saw the figure of a girl right in front of him and it completely took him by surprise. We get to see some interesting slow motion of his getaway and he does look scared senseless. Zak adds the footnote that Nick’s camera and Aaron’s both have a glitch at the same moment the apparition appears so neither camera actually captures what happens. There’s no footage of what Nick saw, but it sure as hell made him jump. Good thing it wasn’t Aaron, we would have lost him for sure.

Lots of EVPs are recorded, but the voices they record have a lot of static (as usual). There’s not much visual evidence and they didn’t find out what freaked Nick out. Their side trip to the mental hospital next door – which of course is connected to the hospital by a "secret" tunnel (all the really cool places have secret tunnels) – doesn’t seem to yield much. They sort of skip over that part.

So what’s going on in this place? Who knows. Seems like there might be some freaky business going on in there. I’d like to see them come back and investigate this one again. I get the feeling there was a lot more ground to cover, they just didn’t have the time.

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  • I remmber growing in cali. my parents told me never go to east la during day and/or night. it was really dangerous . My dad told me that hospitale was dangerous to be in as well. i grew up in cali until i was 19 then me and my family moved to texas. i seen all the crazy around torrance, la, long beach, and redondo beach. i know that my mom risked her life twice from gang members. one is about them about to start fighting and i was 2 or 3 yrs old at time . i was in red dress and it was after church that gang’s w red bandit and blue bandit start to fight. my mom pulled me away fearing i could be killed. the next was i made a face and sounds at blood member(who wears red bandit), he got angery at me for doing that to him. how should i know i was in danger being a baby. my mom told him ‘she likes you.’ he just glared at my mom and walked away mumbling to himself. while my mom just carried me onto the bus glade to be safe from harm. truest me i praised god that i’m alive today. i know my dad told me horror storys about east la area. since he went to one of la school’s and seen the danger down there. thats why my parents tell never risk going down their without a group of my friends who can help proctect me. i just think zack, nick and aaron are crazy to go their at night, and not get caught in any gang war that goes on down their.

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