Ghost Adventures – Mizpah Hotel – S05E02

For this adventure the guys head out to the Mizpah Hotel, a location they’ve been trying to investigate for years. They’ve continually asked for permission, but have always been turned down. Why do they want to check it out so badly? From Nick himself this is the place where he saw one of his first apparitions. He’d been interested in the paranormal, but when he saw a blue orb moving back and forth between rooms he wanted to learn and see more. Now they have the chance to come in and see what dwells within this old hotel from early mining days.

The legends state that multiple deaths occurred at the hotel. The Lady in Red was murdered in the halls, men were killed after allegedly stealing money from the vault downstairs and even a Senator was found dead in bathtub full of ice. There have certainly been some strange occurrences. Do Zak, Nick and Aaron get to the bottom of them?

As they try to make contact with the Lady in Red they get some usual activity where Aaron hears something, but Zak doesn’t. Zak is asking her name and says she shouldn’t just be known as the Lady in Red. When they check into it, they discover the words were only caught on Aaron’s recorder. Was the response only meant for Aaron? It’s not something you can make out clearly, but there is a sound there. We might have been on the verge of knowing who she was.

As the investigation continues, they get more EVPs in the hallway as well as the sound of footsteps. Nick feels something brush past him as it moves down the hall. The follow the voices and finally decide to split up to cover as much of the building as possible at the same time. Aaron heads down to the basement where he has some odd experiences with the elevator. In watching him, it looks like the elevator opens without anyone pressing the buttons. Is someone inviting Aaron in? Strangely, he walks right on in. An elevator opening isn’t that big a deal, except this one isn’t supposed to work anymore. With Aaron inside, he begins to talk and ask questions. When he asks if the spirit will open the doors and let him out, the doors do indeed open. In reviewing the footage, there is also a supposed black figure darting around just outside the elevator. It’s hard to say if the elevator is really reacting to Aaron or if it’s actually broken to the point of the doors opening unexpectedly. Either way, that whole scene smacks of something from Stephen King and I’m not too confident I would just go walking in there.

The next usual thing is the wood experiment Zak has going on upstairs in the hallway. He’s trying to make contact with the Senator and puts two boards together in an upside down V-shape. As he talks and tries to make contact, the boards topple over. There is no one around them and they do look pretty sturdy. But, how are we to know they just didn’t topple over? Zak anticipates my question, sets it up again, and goes even further to prove how sturdy they are by jumping around wildly right next to the boards. Sure enough, they stand firm. Based on that it’s hard to say they just fell over. And while we watch the footage the boards fall over again. Odd thing is they topple in the opposite direction as the first time. Is Zak capturing something walking through the hallway? On the one hand, that’s not exactly scientific and boards can just fall over. But, on the other, that’s cool as hell. Do we have a spirit wandering the halls and this is blatant proof? Like I said, I’m not sure what the deal is, but it’s cool.

Nick has some interesting experiences of his own on the 5th floor. He too is trying to make contact with the Senator, but instead gets a female voice on the recorder. Is this the kept woman or Lady in Red trying to talk to him?

Overall, they had some very interesting activity going on. It’s not just the captured voices, but also the boards falling and the unusual behavior of the elevator that has me intrigued. Is the elevator just shorting out or was someone trying to get Aaron’s attention? Did those boards just fall over on their own? Twice? Or did something interact with them? I’m not sure what’s going on, but it was highly entertaining. I love the old mining town investigations. There is just so much history and so many strange events that happened back then. Unfortunately, so many of the stories involve greed, corruption and death. But strangely, that also seems to make the spirits thrive.

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