Ghost Adventures – Execution Rocks Lighthouse

Haunted lighthouse! Cool! And this one has a pretty nasty past. According to historians the foundation for the lighthouse was used as a method of torture. People were drowned by being tied down to the rocks at low tide and left there as the tide waters rose again. The British did this very frequently and would leave the remains of the dead lashed to the rocks. How very pirate-esque.

The British weren’t the only ones leaving bodies about the place, Carl Panzram a serial killer, apparently would kill his victims and then dump their bodies on the rocks. This place already has tons of death and destruction and pretty much none of it has to do with shipwrecks.

There are personal experiences which include one person saying they were held down by a force. As Zak is getting the tour, Goofy Aaron gets sunscreen in his eyes so he’s filming with his eyes closed. It looks quite odd actually. At first you think he’s possessed. There is some downtime before the investigation begins and we get a rare glimpse of the guys away from the show. The Nevada boys fishing off the rocks is just hilarious. I’m surprised these goofs didn’t fall in. And seriously, Zak almost had that fish! I love the cookout though. It looks like they were having a blast cooking burgers and hanging out by the water at the lighthouse.

When they do get down to business, out comes those damned goggles with the word database. It does say some interesting things, but it’s hard to say it’s not just random. They make a pretty big leap saying the words they’re getting might be linked to a murder or suicide. It’s an interesting thought, but you need more than the word "mercury" to make that idea pan out.

In the end there’s not a whole lot of evidence on this one, but it’s a pretty cool place and if the history is correct some really nasty things took place there. Kind of kills the romance of the lighthouse and it’s keeper living in peaceful solitude, watching over the seas and gazing at sunsets. It’s probably the first time they’ve actually come out and said a place probably wasn’t haunted.

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