Destination Truth: Season 1 – Finally on DVD!

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I have literally been waiting years for the first season of Destination Truth to come out on DVD. I missed most of the episodes from that season and I can’t find a place where you can watch them online. I’ve only been able to see snippet here and there, but Josh seems just as over the top in the early days as he does now.

Destination Truth has become one of my favorite shows on TV and it has nothing to do with Josh’s paranormal exploits. He is just so damn funny and no matter what kind of bizarre or ridiculous situation he finds himself in, he takes it all in stride and declares "So we pressed on". When you’re chasing down mythical sea creatures, El Chupacabra, Bigfoot and other hard to pronounce creatures you really aren’t disappointed if he doesn’t find anything. You’re more amused at how he’s treated by customs and why his suitcase always seems to be open when it comes down the carousel. And let’s not forget the incident with the roof of the plane flying off while they’re circling the island. Oh wait, I’m jumping ahead in the story.

I’m very excited to see this first batch of DVDs and hope the rest of the seasons follow quickly. It’s available March 16th, right before the new episodes of Destination Truth come back on the air. I’m ordering up my copy now, I hope they have a lot of "extras"!


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