Destination Truth

I had my first viewing experience with Destination Truth and I have to admit I am impressed. Josh is a lively and animated host who goes into an area with a skeptical mindset with the intent of finding the truth, whatever it may be. It’s a fun history lesson, an unusual travel guide and adventure narrative with a host who seems to really love what he’s doing.

If you remember decades past the Leonard Nemoy narrated “In Search Of…” then you have some background into Destination Truth. Josh and his team go in search of mystical creatures, myths, legends, spirits and all sorts of other things that inhabit, haunt or terrorize. They literally travel the world looking to debunk or prove the existence of water creatures, jungle man, death worms and killer bats, just to name a few.

In a very down to earth style, much like Ghost Hunters, Josh listens to the stories and then he and his small team try to explain prove or disprove its existence. I’ve only jumped on board for a couple of shows, but I am already drawn in. Josh’s style is fun and exciting. He wants to learn the culture, sample the food, and he gets right into the thick of it. Josh has no problem eating the fried caterpillars, friend spiders or scuba diving at night.

It’s fun stuff and I’m looking forward to seeing more. Hulu has parts of Season 2 available, but I don’t see any mention on Amazon as to when a DVD set might be coming out.

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