Destination Truth – Pompeii – Nandi Beast S04E01


The first episode of Season 4! I have to say I’m very excited.

It’s good to see that some things haven’t changed, Josh still gets crap cars from the rental agencies. I thought it was a VW Thing for a minute, but it’s actually something quite a bit uglier than that.

But the little orange Skittle does get them pretty close to Pompeii where the locals claim they hear screaming and cries. The POS car doesn’t take them all the way and they need to switch to two-wheeled transportation. Did anyone else expect Josh to start hollering while riding the motor scooter?

And wouldn’t you know, in order to appease the spirits you need to make an offering which means you need to climb down into an active volcano to find the "bomba". And who else would go after it but Josh? Did he even hesitate to climb down? Yes josh, that was a pretty crazy thing to do, but we’re all still envious.

Pompeii is just scary. If there is a place where souls would be trapped, Pompeii would be the place. Hundreds if not thousands of people were simply frozen in time. They really are walking over people and remains are clearly visible.

Did they capture any evidence? It’s hard to say. I have simply come to ignore the EVPs. Perhaps they sound different in person, but I still hear nothing but garbled sounds. And quite frankly, like seeing pictures in a random sequence of dots, I think people hear voices in the static. I’m not disputing them, I’m just saying as the armchair investigator I don’t pay attention to those. I really think that’s the kind of evidence you just need to throw out.

The thermal imager? I don’t think there is enough to get too excited about. It’s merely a flash on the screen. I admit, it looks like a human form, but that’s not saying much. Perhaps it’s something ducking behind the trees, but who knows. Maybe if there was more movement. Maybe if it were more clearly defined. I really can’t agree that it’s a Class A piece of evidence.

Pompeii is a pretty wild place to start things off. I don’t think the evidence proves much, but I’m not going to be the one that says nothing is going on out there.

There are however two things that bother me with this episode. First, I really hope Josh doesn’t make a habit of using the K2 meter. Personally, I think that thing is a worthless piece of junk.

Second, please stop going to the Ghost Hunters for the evidence review. I know this is a cross promotion deal with Syfy but I cringe every time it happens. Destination Truth doesn’t need the Ghost Hunters for ratings.

Nandi Beast

In deep dark Africa we have the hunt for the Nandi Bear, which ironically sounds like it should be the name of a kid’s toy. And apparently the DT team thinks so too, since they create the Talkie Bear. I think there might be a market for that thing. Need to do something about the rather obvious antenna though.

And let’s not forget that even though you are handing wild creatures, you should take some time to enjoy golf whenever you get the chance. I don’t think Josh missed his calling as a pro golfer, but compared to the rest of the clan, I think he did quite well.

After gather their background information, they are told the Nandi Bear is real to the natives and they claim its been around for generations and that their town elders and ancestors have killed one or two in the past. Josh and team head out into the woods to see what they can find.

Of course they come across plenty of wild animals. And what do they do when they come across a mysterious cave in the woods in the middle of the night? Damn right! Climb right in and see who’s home!

While they don’t find anything in the caves something does breach the perimeter and set off the alarms. Quite a bit of drama ensues as the team races back to check on Vanessa. She isn’t mauled, so the team heads out in the woods to search around for whatever caused the alarms to go off.

They don’t really come away with anything but their trap camera does record a hyena wandering around the place. And is looks remarkably similar to the Nandi Bear. I will have to agree with Josh that the story is the stuff of legend and that the original Nandi Bear was probably an oversized or perhaps even now extinct hyena. A great brute of a creature was probably killed at some point so they assumed there was a pack of them just waiting to devour the villagers. From the there, the story simply grew. There is plenty to worry about in that forest, but the Nandi Bear probably isn’t one of them.

Destination Truth is back on the air with some new faces and the same old cars. And here we have two new episodes where Josh goes up in a helicopter and manages to come back safely without a single incident. Maybe he only has issues with cars and planes. Motorcycles and helicopters don’t seem to cause him problems.

This was a fun episode and two really neat locations. Pompeii is like Pavalia, just thinking of those tragic events is depressing. And Africa holds so many mysteries and so many wonders. Just remember to bring you wicker basket and keep it on your head. Maybe the Nandi Bear isn’t really out there trying to eat out your brains, but who knows what is…

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  • [ QUOTE: And wouldn’t you know, in order to appease the spirits you need to make an offering which means you need to climb down into an active volcano to find the “bomba”. ]

    I’M ITALIAN…I’ve never heard anything about “BOMBA” , this is a complete fabrication. and no people in Italy think that there are “spirits” or “ghostly voices” in Pompeii… (try to find something about italian spirits on google… no reference to Pompeii )

    Like the “MOAI” episode (someone remember the “special-LEAF-mission”? ) Sometimes legends are invented to increase episode interest .

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