Was Josh Gates on Seinfeld?

I just came across this and it really made me laugh.

Is this Josh Gates of “Destination Truth”?

The resemblance is striking!

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One Response to Was Josh Gates on Seinfeld?

  • Well it looks like Josh as responded and says this “ISN’T” him. I’m disappointed but happy to know the answer. I freaked out when I was watching a episode of “Seinfeld” on my PVR and saw this brief glimpse of someone that I thought I recognized. I sat there looking and thinking for a few minutes and it dawned on me. I had recently started my blog so I thought it was only fair to make the rest of the world suffer through what my family has to when this has happened in the past. I see someone then tell them who I think it is, and we argue about it for several minutes, until someone looks it up on IMDB.com. I am right about 99% of the time. I couldn’t find any information about Mr. Gates being on “Seinfeld” though, so I put it up for the Internet to answer. Thanks to the link and the mention about this!

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