Interview with Josh Gates of Destination Truth

Here’s a very interesting article about Josh Gates and Destination Truth. He answers a lot of questions about the show, the places he’s been and why he does what he does. Plus he gives a little detail on why people keep disappearing off the show.

One thing that really strikes me is his passion. You can tell from the show and from this interview that he has a passion for travel and wants to immerse himself in other cultures. And since every culture has their own myths and legends which guide and shape them as a people, it’s really fascinating how Josh can bring that all together in an exciting and intriguing way. It’s funny, he sees the show as more of a travel show with a paranormal edge. I feel the same way.

Of course, they didn’t go into his luck with vehicles which still intrigues the hell out of me.

Check out the interview, it’s a great read!

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