Ghost Adventures Season 2 Available Today


Just in time for the new season to start, the Travel Channel has released the Ghost Adventures – Season 2 on a 3 DVD set. There were a lot of really good episodes in this season so you can get all blurry eyed catching up on them all before Friday.

Even though it came out during Season 3 I wonder if they plan to release their Halloween Special on DVD. Maybe that will come out right before Halloween itself. But you never know, considering some of the "issues" that took place on that show, who knows if we’ll get it.

But anyway, Season 2 is here so maybe if you have Netflix it’s already sitting in your mailbox. Maybe you can run down to BestBuy and get a copy. They have Season 2 for $19.99 and Season 1 for $14.99. Those are both pretty darn good deals!

Either way, the countdown has begun! Friday we’ll get to watch all new Ghost Adventures!

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