Has Ghost Hunters Jumped the Shark?

I was reading this article the other day talking about whether the Ghost Hunters have jumped the shark. If you recall the original Happy Days episode where Fonzi literally jumps the shark it was because they wanted to add something breathtaking and exciting to the show. It was so over the top as to grab people’s attention and get them talking. It was a springboard if you will, and Happy Days went on for several more seasons.

Laura makes a good point that jumping the shark is to break up the status quo, to shock the audience and do something wild and different. And if Ghost Hunters have indeed jumped the shark what wild stunt did they do it with? What have they done to shake up the entire foundation of their show? By that definition they haven’t done anything. The first step toward shaking things up would be to get off the couch. I’m not sure when this couch sitting started, but it’s gotten out of hand.

To shake things up perhaps they could stop saying they will leave if something paranormal happens. I thought the whole purpose was to document and thereby perhaps explain the paranormal. If you keep saying you will walk out if apparitions appear what exactly as you accomplishing again? "Oh yeah, the place is riddled with spirits, but when they showed up we took off. That’s why we’re the Ghost Hunters."

I’ve also seen several comments stating people want the old Ghost Hunters back. Which old Ghost Hunters do you actually mean? The Ghost Hunters from Season One, or the beat Brian Hornois era, with surly Jason who basically used everyone as a whipping boy and brow beat them as he saw fit? Watching people fight over the proper way to roll up a cable is great fun.

Or the Ghost Hunters from Season Two, the Pick on Donna era, where Donna took the brunt of the blows and Steve did his darndest to try and find a spot within the group. It’s always a thrill to watch a group try and make one of their look like an incompetent ass. Let’s tune in for that!

Or would the Old Ghost Hunters be the team from Season Three where they seemed to really get into the swing of things, with Steve constantly showing his air of superiority and constantly picking on Tango?

And let’s not forget the whole Brian is on the show, Brian is kicked off the show melodrama we had to deal with. As well as the ever rotating crew of people who came in. Remember the drama at Eastern State with Brian and Brian? Do we really have to put up with Kristyn who is basically just as ill tempered as Jason. Remember her in the 2008 Halloween Special? And all the other random one hit wonders which have made their way onto the show.

Or how about Season Four where Ghost Hunters went Hollywood and started spinning of new franchises and declaring every location paranormal regardless of what happened there?

Going by the definition of Jump The Shark, I agree with Laura that Ghost Hunters hasn’t done anything spectacular or memorable in years. I was entertained by the show because I looked at it as an offbeat travel show. They go to odd and creepy locations all over the country searching for spooks and specters. Who wouldn’t want a job like that? The show was exciting because they were excited, they were enthusiastic about what they were doing. I thought the best part was their debunking of noises, creaks and groans. They could sit and explain how the pipes were causing the banging, the house shook because of traffic outside, shadows appeared because of the way headlights could cast a reflection. That was really interesting and entertaining to watch. Plus, the whole ambiance was neat; sitting in the dark waiting for a spirit who might be lurking somewhere.

But all too quickly the arrogance level went through the roof and the show wasn’t fun anymore. They’re boring and tuning in has become drudgery. They’re ready to give up too quickly and the investigations seem short. Do they even investigate from dusk to dawn like they used to?

So which Old Ghost Hunters would I prefer? That’s a hard question considering what we have to choose from.

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2 Responses to Has Ghost Hunters Jumped the Shark?

  • ted spring says:

    Yep yep yes yes…Me -my brother a few of my friends as well as our wives and near grown up kids…seldom watch the GHOST HUNTERS show any more….that Tat covered , rude crude arrogant Steve killed it for us here….none of us are perfect …however; he’s a true A$$ hole – we can’t stand him…. ergo: Ghost Hunter is likely loosing more viewers then us due to his antics……yuk

  • Tlyna says:

    You aren’t kidding Ted. He’s a real jerk.

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