Ghost Hunters Season 3 Part 1

Ghost Hunters Season 3 Part 1

I have to say I think I’m becoming addicted to this damned show. I jumped ahead and bought Season 3. There are some stores about Arizona and Tombstone which sounded really neat, plus I have been to the Bird Cage Theater, Bisbee and the OK Corral. I was also really interested in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado because I used to live there. And to top it all off was the added benefit of the Irish hauntings which sounded really wild.

The TAPS team has definitely upgraded the apparatus with bigger IR camera, thermal imaging, bigger monitors, more computers and other nifty gadgets. But they haven’t lost that humorous edge that makes this show worth watching. Brian is still his goofball self with “Dude” spewing forth every other sentence and Steve trying to be serious as he takes his EVP readings and searches for cold spots. You don’t watch this show for ghosts since up to this point I don’t think they’ve done a single thing to prove there are spirits or entities. You watch the show because of the crazy dynamic these guys have together. Jason and Grant forge ahead as the voice of reason trying to find evidence of spirits or debunk them if they can.

Steve and Brian provide the comic relief by bumping into walls, jumping at their own shadows and the constant swearing which has to be bleeped out. They seem to know what their doing, but their approach is more like Dr. Venkman in Ghostbusters rather than serious scientists. But the show is all in good fun and it really is fun to watch. I always get a good laugh out of watching this series and since I watched the first Season on DVD I keep coming back for more.

I hate the way they release the discs in Parts and the cases they use are stupid – they stack 3 discs on top of each other instead of using the standard slim packs which hold 2 discs each. I have to say I’m a fan of the show and will get Season 2 in the very near future (NCIS Season 4 takes precedence). Also the price is a little high considering the production value and cost.

These guys are fun to watch and the kids should get a big kick out of their antics. Fun stuff to watch and hopefully they will be on the air for quite a few more years.

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