Paranormal State – The Death Room – S05E01

PRS kicks off a new season and quite frankly it wasn’t that bad. It’s actually an interesting story of a woman being locked in her room until she signs over the papers to her money and property to a greedy caretaker. It’s a sad story to be sure, and certainly the seed of a good horror story.

The team shows up and finds that there’s knocking all around the room and Michelle feels someone is trying to escape from the master bedroom. As they dig deeper, they find out a woman was locked in that room until she died. She would knock at the door trying to get someone to let her out.

The team goes through the process of trying to get the sprit to leave by proving she’s no longer trapped in the house. It’s quite elaborate, and perhaps even a little overly dramatic, but in the end the spirit supposedly leaves and crosses over. At least there was no mention of demonic.

This one wasn’t too bad, if, as I mentioned, a little overly dramatic. Paranormal State isn’t the type of show you turn to for finding credible evidence. Everything they get is pretty much impressions and feelings. And forget debunking, this group hasn’t even heard of the term. Forget that banging on the walls in an old plantation home could have been pipes rattling in the walls, to this group, that is a sure sign of spirit activity.

In the end, the team supposedly helps a trapped spirit move and put the abuse to an end. It’s a neat story and if indeed there is any truth, perhaps they’ve done something good. Not bad a season opener, but I have a feeling it won’t last.

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