Ghost Adventures – Winchester Mystery House – S05E04

If you’re looking for a paranormal investigation of the Winchester Mystery House then this isn’t the episode for you. Although the guys go out there and do a walk through, when it comes time for the investigation the tables are turned and we’re drawn in to an unusual experiment. Zak wants to try and connect multiple locations to see if he can get spirits to "travel down the wire" and meet with him. He has the Constantinos at the Washoe Club, and a group of paranormal investigators at Bobby Macky’s Music World. It’s an interesting idea, but I really wanted to see an investigation of the Mystery House.

Joshua Warren is the special guest who will conduct the experiment using a Very Low Frequency generator. The goal is to give the spirits a means of travel so they can come onsite and participate in the investigation.

Right as we begin, the Constantinos suddenly disappear and go offline while the team at Bobby Macky’s hears voices and feels things pass through them. It’s all a bit chaotic really as Aaron gets ill and gets to the point of Zak feeling something may be wrong with him. An investigator at the other location has something follow her home and is plagued with horrible nightmares and aggressive behavior towards her boyfriend. She ends up visiting Bishop James Long who believes she might in the first stages of a possession.

I’m not sure this episode actually accomplished anything. What are the real effects of this Very Low Frequency generator? Are we sure that alone wasn’t causing the feelings people had at the Mystery House? Does the Mystery House have its own energy? We don’t know because it wasn’t really investigation. I have no doubt that house has an effect on people because of all the odd angles and disorienting feeling. What caused some of the voices at Bobby Macky’s? Was there something there? Did a spirit figure how to jump places? Was one of the investigators a victim of an entity? Can this experiment really give entities the ability to come out at multiple locations at once?

This experiment should have been a separate episode rather than piggybacking on an investigation the guys talked about, but ultimately didn’t do. It’s an idea worth pursuing on its own not jumbling it up amongst other ideas.

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