The Dead Files – Death and Dolls – S01E04

I think my patience has run its course with this show. Conducting an investigation from these two mindsets is a great idea, but watching Amy is grating to say the least. Her spasms, spouting gibberish, flopping her hands around like she has an illness and her general mannerism while onsite is more than I can deal with. It’s like watching a 4 year old talk about pooh-pooh. I can’t stand the faces, the rolling of the eyes and all that damn fidgeting. We don’t see Chip Coffey, Michelle Belanger or Lorraine Warren act like this when they go on site and they supposedly have the same abilities. Why is Amy on the edge of pure lunacy?

Amy also claims that it takes a lot to scare her, but every episode so far she has flat out said, "I don’t like this, this scares me". In each episode, she’s been freaked out to the point of having to leave and run away. This is supposed to be her job and each location keeps bringing up things she’s never dealt with or experiences before.

This episode was just another exercise in aggravation. Maybe there is something to the Native American practice of sending their dead down the river because there were too many bodies afflicted with disease. Are we really going to believe that these dolls are trapping their souls? If the spirits were already there how come the other owners didn’t complain of anything? How is it the dolls trapped the spirits if the spirits have been there for decades? If this entire area was used by the Native Americans how come other people in the area aren’t having the same problem? Why is it just localized to one house? Even Amy said she could feel spirits all over the place outside? And a child who is obsessed about death and destruction? No surprise there. Considering what’s on TV, in video games and on the web how is a kid going to avoid that kind of stuff? But no no, we have to make the connection that this kid is like Amy because she read Anne Frank. Come on, give me a break.

This show is firmly entrenched in the ridiculous. I haven’t been enjoying these episodes so I may have to skip the rest. I think the Travel Channel has a dud on their hands.

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  • SUSAN says:

    All of the ghost hunting techniques you refer to is what makes the ghost hunting shows so cheesy. I could care less about the recordings or the FLIR. The historical facts, the fact that Amy and the investigator do not meet until the end, come up with similiar stories, is astounding. The pictures she comes up with are always similiar to who had lived there before. How you find this this show ridiculous is beyond me.

    The show I find juvenile is with right after the Dead Files. We switch to a different station immediately…the show is THAT STUPID.

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