Haunted Collector – Burning Spirits – Ghosts of the West – S01E03

John heads down to New Mexico to investigate the Backside Ale House with alleged haunted activity. There are claims of shadow movement while in the women’s restroom, beer taps that open on their own and gas burners that turn on by themselves.

John fixates on an old detonator used in the coal mines. He casts an inquisitive eye over the tomahawk and the old whiskey jug as though thinking how they might look in his collection. John immediately jumps on the idea that the tomahawk must have killed people and is therefore evil. By this same logic all hearses are haunted and evil because they’ve carried the deceased.

The idea that the detonator caused people their lives is equally as illogical. It may have caused explosions that killed people. It may have trapped workers. Then again, it may have done none of those things. John is making massive leaps of logic and causation. This is truly assigning cause and effect regardless of how the items are related.

When it comes to the taps pouring beer when no one is around would have nothing to do with pressure in the line I’m sure. Same with the knobs on the stove. There is no way pressure could push them open. There is no way it could be the work of faulty equipment. Clearly this has to be the work of the paranormal.

John then heads down the road to the St. James Hotel where guests are running out in the middle of the night because of all the activity. People claim to get attacked and thrown over the railing. They’re seeing faces in the mirrors and the owner wants some answer before he gets run out of business.

The investigation at the St. James Hotel is a complete farce. Not a single experiment John does has any merit whatsoever. There are dozens of causes for a glass of water to get cold not the least of which is something we like to call "ice". I’ve never seen this type of experiment done before and it just happens to get an effect in the exact spot John puts it in. What are the odds?!

And the odds of someone getting a nosebleed in New Mexico are unheard of. Clearly that is the work of spirits and has nothing to do with dry air and dust.

Honestly these experiments are as bad as the ones we used to see in Ghost Lab. John’s like of thinking and methods of inquiry are sketchy at best. This show is turning into a comedy with each new episode.

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