Destination Truth – Spirits of Tikal and Creature From the Black Lagoon – S05E05

Spirits of Tikal

For this episode of Destination Truth, Josh and team head out to the supposedly haunted Mayan city of Tikal where the locals tell tales of encounters with the spirits of sacrificial victims. Mayan blood rituals were the norm, and sacrifices were made to appease the gods. Let’s not forget that the Mayan calendar says the world ends in 2012 and many feel the paranormal activity is heating up at this site.

So the teams sets out for Belize, backtracks back down the river, retraces their steps back up the river and over the border, zigs and zags for a variety of unknown reasons so that they can make their way into a cave where they find the mystical Tata Pedro. With his blessing they repeat the process again and finally make it to the city. Phew.

With dozens of cameras set up they head out into the jungle to see what they can find. There is an usual light that reflects off one of the buildings. Since there is no electricity and doubtful there is a random car passing by, just what was that?

As you may expect, there are a lot of noises out there in the jungle and Ryder and her team comes just feet away from heaven knows what. It makes some ghostly sounds even though it doesn’t make an appearance.

The team does make a discovery that quite possibly debunks many of the sounds people are hearing. As they climb one of the buildings, there is a "vent" that seems to exhale and makes the building sound like it’s breathing. It gives of a whistle and some other unusual sounds. When you’re all alone out there, who knows what that would sound like.

There are some cold spots and the equipment goes haywire as soon as the investigation starts. It’s odd to feel something cold in the middle of the jungle and the equipment has glitches in unison. Not only do the cameras go out together, but they begin working again at the same time. An unusual coincidence indeed.

So what’s going on out there? Is there paranormal activity related to the human sacrifices? Are these just odd coincidences? The Mayans have an interesting culture and their belief system is something we’re still thinking about today. Are the spirits stirring because the end is near?

Creature From the Black Lagoon

The team heads off to Fiji where there are reports of something lurking in the water and scaring the natives half to death. They feel it’s a sea creature out to do them harm. So the team sets out to scour the waterways by air, sea and land to discover what it is.

Josh decides the best way to check things out is to go for a dive. Within a few minutes (or at least that’s the way it comes across on TV) he’s sharing the water with multiple Bull Sharks. And they’re big. A couple of tense moments to be sure.

The investigation continues on in the night where the teams sees something swimming around in the water. We don’t get a sense of scale, but there is something out there. Josh uses the fortuitously place bamboo raft to get a better look and of course falls into the water making us all think his meager life is over. But our intrepid adventurer is out of the water and back on board the boat in no time.

With some evidence in hand they head back to see what they have. And we come to find out that in this part of the world there is a new specific of massive iguana that can be 6 feet long. It features fit the description from the natives and quite frankly, if you saw that coming up on you in the middle of the night (or even the day) it would scare the $hit out of you! And let’s not forget the Bull Sharks can live in both fresh and saltwater habitats and they are known to be found in rivers. I think what we have here is a case of mistaken identity.

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