666 Park Avenue – Episode 3

I’m being drawn into this show. I like the mystery, the layers, the hints and clues at what’s to come. For the first time we see Gavin make a move to show more of his nature as the Councilman takes a nose dive. We see the influence he has over people when he pushes Henry to move forward, almost against his nature. And do we see the walls going down between Jane and Olivia discuss the tragic events surround Olivia’s passing? And clearly from the note Olivia burns, there is more to that story as well.

It’s turned into a real soap opera hasn’t it?

But I do like the way this is playing out. I like that it answers one question, but adds two more to the mix. It’s an interesting look at people and what we’re all willing to do to get ahead and if we’re willing to make a deal. I like that there are multiple stories going on, not just with the tenants, but with the past itself. Why do we have a secret room? Why was it walled up? Who used to live there? What meetings or shall we say rituals used to take place in this building all those years ago? I like the atmosphere. I like the questions. I like how everything seems to be circling, but that somehow, all of this is going to tie together.

What do you think? While not quite as dramatic as American Horror Story, it does present some of the same elements. Is anyone on board with this new show?

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