Ghost Adventures – La Palazza Mansion – S04E09

This episode proves once again that if a real estate deal is too good to be true you probably need to check the basement for a burial ground!

For this episode, the guys don’t have far to go as they investigate a home in Sin City itself. For this investigation they check out a home that has the owners downright terrified. There is little doubt that as they talk about their experiences during the interviews they want to get as far away from this house as possible.

They don’t have a shortage of experiences either. They both talk about a wine glass that came flying off the rack and smashed on the floor. That unto itself really isn’t that big a deal, it’s the part where Chris (the homeowner) gets choked after calling out the would be spirit that’s wild. Apparently, his girlfriend and two guests saw him get choked and had to jump in and help him.

Heather tells that on multiple occasions she would hear voices talking about her while she was in the shower. From her description, the talk was quite sexual in nature. They also claim to hear multiple conversations coming from the attic as well as banging on the walls. They even go so far as to say that Chris’ personality changed while he lived in the house. Apparently he would become extremely violent, and from the way he describes it, he may have been heading towards some murderous deeds. These two have no doubts that the place is full of evil energy.

And they may have cause for concern since Chris says he found a secret room in the house during renovations. It was a white tiled room with an industrial sink that had plumbing caked with blood. That right there sounds like something out of Dexter. He also found a stash if guns. Small caliber .22 handguns, which sound like they could be mob related.

The guys get things underway and immediately run into technical difficulties. The batteries for the cameras and the monitors all go dead. Not surprisingly, Zak feels this is the entities charging themselves for a battle during the lockdown.

As they explore the house they claim to get an EVP of the word attic. This is supposed to be in reference to the voices Heather keeps claiming to hear up there. They continue to walk around with intentions of heading to the secret room when Nick begins to claim that Zak’s face is all distorted. He’s making all sorts of claims that his eyes are in the wrong place. This part actually seems a little phony to me. Maybe he is seeing something, but this could be nothing more than a trick of the light, or lack thereof. Just seems like they’re trying to build some dramatic tension.

When they get to the secret kill room, Zak scratches himself on a nail. First off, it’s not a stab wound but a long scratch. I’m sure it hurt like hell, but it really doesn’t look that bad. Regardless, it doesn’t come across as the life threatening wound they make it out to be. During this incident they claim to get an EVP of a voice claiming they’re breaking into the house. There are also a lot of bangs and someone singing.

Another EVP they claim to get is someone mimicking Zak’s voice. I’m not hearing that at all. That comment actually seems a little bizarre. Again, it seems like they’re trying to build things up.

Next up is perhaps the worst part of this investigation, they bring in a young girl to pretend she’s Heather to try and get the dirty responses she got when taking a shower. This is just silly as can be. Who’s going to believe this? There is no plumbing in the house! Are the spirits really that dumb? They are smart enough to injure people and possibly set fires, but can’t tell the difference between two different people and a house that has no walls? I think we need to ditch these kinds of experiments.

Zak claims to hear snarls and banging while all this is going on. He also claims to hear a female voice during all these shenanigans. Haley seems to be reacting to something in the dark, but that could just be to Zak banging around. Who wouldn’t be freaked out with all this silliness going on?

For the big finale, Zak tries to provoke the spirit that broke the wine glass and choked Chris. He sets up some glasses and starts swinging a knife around. For extra dramatic effect he even goes so far as to stick it in the wall. Throwing knives around in the dark, good call!

Considering the claims that the spirits were drawing all the battery power for some big showdown, I think the evidence was woefully underwhelming. They got the usual fuzzy EVPs, but didn’t capture much else. Zak getting hurt was his own damn fault and considering the sheer terror of the owners I don’t think they really got anything to support these fears. I was expecting boards to fly, punches to be thrown, and lots of scratches and shoving. Based on what happened I really don’t think the owners have too much to be worried about. I’m not saying the place doesn’t have a pretty sketchy past, but right now it seems pretty docile

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  • Agreed. I’ve been ruminating on this episode and trying to wrap my mind around it. Didn’t seem as hostile as the owners made it out to be, but I can imagine living in a place and having the stuff they reported happen again and again wears on a person’s nerves. I thought it was all just rather odd. And an excuse to get a girl to take her top off!

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