American Horror Story

If you haven’t been watching American Horror Story you’ve been missing out. Although it started slowly, it’s turned into a show that has the right amount of crazy that keeps you watching and guessing about what’s going to happen next. Jessica Lange is one crazy bitch let me tell you! Beneath that Southern Charm lies a shiv waiting to puncture your kidney!

The show has been slowly developing and each new episode reveals a bit more about the power of the house and the people who lived (and died, the dying part is key) there. Some really bizarre and downright creepy stuff has taken place within those walls. If you’ve been playing along, even the infamous Black Dahlia has ties to the house.

I still find the main characters, Ben and Vivian to be two of the most boring characters I’ve seen in a long time. Ben is a downright idiot. He keeps making the same mistakes over and over again and acts like an arrogant ass. Vivian is a hard to deal with, emotionally distraught wife who’s sticking with Ben for reasons I don’t quite understand. But they aren’t the focal point of the show and I think lifelessness is all part of the grand plan. It’s all the other characters that give the story depth and life, which is ironic considering their current circumstance. Their lives and past are far more interesting than watching Ben have yet another "episode". If nothing else, they’re simply pawns in this game, perhaps at the mercy of the past residents or perhaps even the house itself.

I thought it was a bold move to make a serialized horror story, but these guys have nailed it. It’s a dynamic story that intertwines the past and the present, not unlike Lost. Everyday events have their roots in the past and the people we see today may not be who we think they are. I don’t want to give away all the details of the show because there will be a lot of "Holy shit!" moments as you follow along.

This is some seriously good fun in its own morbid little way.

So who’s been watching? What do you think?

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